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Re: [ifwp] Re: Delicate balance

Michael and all,

Michael Sondow wrote:

> Jeff-
> Tamar may be a good person to consult on how to separate the income
> sources of a corporation from its salary disbursements. That needs to be
> done in order that the directors, or whoever is receiving a salary,
> don't eventually come to identify themselves with the economic policies
> of those sources. Of course, such separation is only relative in the
> long run, which is why any corporate system intended for the good of the
> majority of a given population can degenerate into a servant of a
> minority. But there are ways of keeping that off as long as possible.

  I will indeed contact Tamar very soon as a possible trustee for the trust
fund.However it is my belief and our organizations that she would make an excellent
choice for one of the board members of the ICANN as well.  It seems to me
however that a corporate method could be used to determine what board members,
officers, and Directors should be paid.

> In the end, the only guarantee of allegiance to policy is the success of
> the policy.

  Right!  That along with the buy-in from the Initial Membership by their votefor any
policy proposals that the SO's may come up with or that the membership
may suggest for the SO's to consider.  This whole process of the day to day
running of the ICANN, especially in the beginning must be a two way street
or it will fail in short order, and legal problems will plague the the ICANN.  It is
for this basic reason that and Initial Individual Membership Organization
must be part of the basic structure of the ICANN and incorporated in its

> With the Internet, and especially at this point in its
> growth, the problem is easier because the expansion itself produces
> income. It's when the growth stops or slows that trouble will begin
> again.

  Agreed, but we must not let that growth factor effect the amount people pay to
bemembers therefore we felt it necessary to put up a trust fund that would be
self perpetuating and well funded initially.

> BTW, I saw when I read it that the INEG proposal offers the hire/salary
> mechanism as a possibility. That, and the Hearings Board (and its
> mechanism for choosing the people who sit on it), were for me the best
> parts of it. Don't pay any attention to all the diddlers who ignore your
> proposal.

  I am not worried that anyone ignore the proposal specifically, though my recentposts
may seem to indicate that.  I am mostly worried that we do this RIGHT
the first time and that there are no folks that are disenfranchised now or in the
future.  The IANA's or the BWG proposal do not provide this in our opinion,
not even close because they do not provide for an Initial Individual Membership
Organization and a voting mechanism to go along with it.  We, in our proposal
provided for this in a manner that cannot by design disinfranchize anyone or favor
and interest group.  This we believe is the strongest part of our proposal.

> Every proposal has its good ideas and its bad. It will all
> come out in the wash. That is, if the IFWP stops sending the laundry to
> the Katzenjammer Kids.

  Well we are hopeful that you are correct.  If not however, we are alsofinancially
prepared for that as well in the case that we feel it necessary to
challenge the ICANN based on it poor structure and not providing equally for all
of the Stakeholders which the White Paper calls for as a requirement.

> Jeff Williams a écrit:
> >
> > Michael and all,
> >
> > Michael Sondow wrote:
> >
> > > Jim Dixon a écrit:
> > > >
> > > > There are at least two possibilities.  First, have board members
> > > > appointed by service organizations like RIPE, ARIN, and APNIC.  Second,
> > > > have them appointed by the customers of these service organizations.
> > >
> > > There is a third possibility: hire them, pay them well, and have them
> > > work for the purposes of the NewCo.
> >
> >   Agreed.  And our proposal (INEG. INC.) that we submitted to the NTIAand this
> > list, provides for this.  We have also set up a self perpetuating
> > blind non-revocable Trust initially funded with some $25m for this purpose
> >
> > See: http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/proposals/comments/10-05-98.htm
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