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support ICANN submission

I support the ICANN submitted Articles and ByLaws.

While more time could be spent refining the language, the current
language is adequate to the purpose of the transfer of existing ISI
responsibilities to ICANN.  Previous discussion and refinements have
already taken more than 9 months, and the IANA contractual deadline has
passed.  Provision is made for additional refinements by the Initial
Board, together with the Supporting Organizations.

Keeping in mind that the entire staff performing these functions numbers
about 3 FTE, the size of the board (19) and the number of Officers (4)
is very large and more than sufficient for adequate representation of
all interested parties.  Indeed, this is likely a case of too many
Chiefs and too few Indians....

This is the formation of a small service organization of limited
discretion, that coordinates centralized functions for only 3 indicated
Support Organizations.  Interested parties should already be working
with those existing organizations in their current forms.

It should be noted that this is not the formation of a new world
government, nor even a government for the (ungovernable) Internet.

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