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(No Subject)

I propose for a new regional registry to be establish.
Region: Asia

- Alternative registry for individuals as well as organizations to obtain resources from.
- Current APNIC fees to expensive, not everyone can afford to purchase Internet resources from APNIC.
- ease APNIC's burden of managing about 43 nations in
- unfair as APNIC is servicing
  Oceania and ASIA
  - should allow another authority or organization
    to handle delegations for ASIA

- appoint another authority or organization to handle
  delegations for ASIA.
- have APNIC change its fee schedule

I got to know that there are individuals and organizations, establishing a new regional registry but, not sure which region they have selected.

One of the contacts I got, i think, will be establishing a new regional registry.
I have BCC a copy to the party.

I hope you will allow this contact to service ASIA, together with APNIC.

Thank You.

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