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Re: ICANN: as a Means of Adult Supervision (or Martial Law)

Open governance with checks and balances. Hear! Hear! Is it not
the disruptive and contentious debate that sometimes drives people
to secrecy? Corporate type have difficulty dealing with the trauma
of peer review. They rather fail in the market place of money than
the market place of ideas. Paranoia and secrecy walk hand in hand.

Open leadership demands at least a minor amount of trust from the
community. Yet, we need to codify checks and balances not out of lack
of trust but because of our knowledge that money and power can

As the Internet becomes the central engine of international commerce and
communications, it will be subject to power grabs that make the current
events trivial. A balance power structure with public oversight can
prevent future failure. Balance and symetry in the power structure that
means DNS issues, numbering issues, protocol Issues, operation issues,
user issues ...
... no singe issue or group should dominate. Rather they need to need
to blend into an oversight and control structure.

This is the core issue of membership. How to balance the forces into a
stable structure that can endure over time.

Einar Stefferud wrote:
> Hello Gordon, et al --
> I think that there is another way to look at all this, than the one
> you deployed below.
Clipped to save a few bytes.
> Cheers...\Stef

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