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ICANN and formation of New regional Registry (Internet Community: please read)

                         November 12, 1998

I visited IANA's public comments page today and read a comment 
concerning ICANN and the formation of a new regional registry.
The comment was sent from wwx@angelfire.com.

The issues discussed by the sender, are true as I feel APNIC, RIPE NCC 
and ARIN is having monopoly over Internet Numbers in their designated 
service region. The NTIA, DoC, IANA, IAB, ICANN, and ISOC should appoint 
the mentioned company in the senders e-mail to form an alternative 
registry to end the three present regional registries monopoly over 
Internet Numbers. This could be part of the Internet reform plan.

Another issue I wish to discuss is about some of the Country-code top 
level domain name registrars. Most of them, prohibits individuals from 
registering under the country-code top level domain name. For example, 
Malaysia's MYNIC, http://www.mynic.net/.
The Internet Community, can consider myself as a supporter of the sender 
and the company mentioned in the sender's e-mail.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) should 
consider accepting any of the company's representatives as part of the 
ICANN board members.

With my strongest support for the company and the sender, I pray for the 
NTIA, DoC, IANA, IAB, ICANN & ISOC to consider my request.

The ICANN, should allow children above the age of 12, who has the talent 
in such matters to join without any charge or fee.

The Internet Community is welcome to contact me.

Thank You.


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