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November 12, 1998

                                            November 12, 1998


Dear Internet authorities:

On November 12, 1998 at 3:39 PM, I received an electronic mail from an
Internet user. The electronic mail concerning the formation of a new
regional registry and ICANN, determined his (the sender) support towards my
proposal for a new regional registry. He discussed about the three present
regional registries monopoly over Internet Numbers and the Internet
authorities should appoint an alternative Internet registry. Since my
proposal to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, I have been working
diligently to meet IANA's challenge, and I believe I have now partially
reached the final process. Most ccTLD registrars and the regional registries
refuse to co-operate with me. The present accomplishment is the result of an
extensive process of discussions and negotiations among interested people
and organizations. The process has included meetings, and extensive use of
the Internet.

This registry will be unique in the world - a non-profit organization with
significant responsibilities for administering Internet Numbers. This is
fully in keeping with the RFCs and global policies regarding address space
conservation, aggregation and registration.

Do you agree that I discuss the beginning of the transition process with the
interested people and organizations?


Susan Chooi


cc (w/encs.):

1. While the organization has not been formally incorporated, it has not yet
elected a board of directors or adopted bylaws, and currently intends to
refrain from doing so until the completion of your review of this electronic

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