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No Subject

Dear IANA, ICANN & Ms. Esther Dyson:

I submitted a proposal to all of you for a "Global" Internet Registry. The
IANA said that is dependent upon my fulfillment of the criteria, and they
cannot make any decisions or projections concerning my request at this time.

Ms. Esther Dyson said the ICANN is not ready to handle such request, but I
believe the ICANN is now ready. I am pleased to inform you I can secure
funding, and would require ICANN's support. Besides, the participants'
objectives is to assist the Interent entities to oversee the growth of the
Internet, which I believe the ICANN will perform. An additional organization
to assist this matter would be a good idea, and has been supported by many

If you would require more information, please contact me.

Thank You.

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