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Re: [i12.#00000289]

Dear Jeff:

I submitted the proposal to most of the Internet entities.
You requested to see the letter of proposal, but unfortunately the present
members of i12 prefer to keep it strictly confidential. Once you have
confirmed your membership with the group, you will receive a set of details
concerning the proposal, etc.

As you can see from i12's newsletter, an Interim board will be appointed to
take on the management of the transition process, etc.
Representatives of regional Internet number registries, Internet engineers
and computer scientists, domain name registries, domain name registrars,
commercial and non-commercial users, Internet service providers,
international trademark holders and Internet experts highly respected
throughout the international Internet community are required, and I believe
you are one of the above.

The "Global" Internet registry will be a non-profit, public benefit and
charitable organization. It will not be organized for the private gain of
any person, but organized and operated exclusively for educational and
scientific purposes. Operating for the benefit of the Internet Community as
a whole is a condition.

The date of operation has been rescheduled to 31st May 1999, if possible.
Co-operation from all members of "i12" are required, such as prompt reply to
e-mails, correspondence with domain name registrars, domain name registries
& ISPs, adherence to global policies regarding address space conservation,
aggregation & registration, etc.

Perhaps, you could be included in the following areas:
1. Interim board,
2. commercial and non-commercial users,
3. Internet engineers and computer scientists.

I look forward to your participation.

Thank You.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com>
To: susancho@tm.net.my <susancho@tm.net.my>
Date: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 7:45 PM
Subject: Re: [i12.#00000289]

>  May I see the proposal you sent the ICANN/IANA?  How is it that I amy
>you?  By the way, you should have submitted your proposal to the ICANN
>directly at ICANN@ICANN.org as well.
>susancho@tm.net.my wrote:
>> Dear Jeff:
>> I am not bothering you, whatsoever.
>> I have submitted a proposal to the IANA for a "Global" Internet Registry,
>> and obtaining support from the Internet Community is one of the
criterias. I
>> have gathered few people within this few days to participate in this
>> project, and I wish to offer you this opportunity.
>> Eventhough, I have posted a discussion on this matter to list@ifwp.org,
>> one seems to reply. Your participation in this project is appreciated.
>> Please reply.
>> Thank You.
> Regards,
>Jeffrey A. Williams
>CEO/DIR. Internet Network Eng/SR. Java/CORBA Development Eng.
>Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
>E-Mail jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com
>Contact Number:  972-447-1894
>Address: 5 East Kirkwood Blvd. Grapevine Texas 75208

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