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Is our local domain system administrator discriminating us?

Hi there!
My name is Alejandro Castro S.
I'm from Costa Rica, and I have a very important
Has our local Domain System Administrator (www.nic.cr)
in the position to:

a. restrict the number of domains one person or company can register?

b. restrict anybody to register a generic name, such as:  tiendas.co.cr (in
english: stores.co.cr),
tv.co.cr, radio.co.cr, revistas.co.cr (in english: magazines.co.cr),
turismo.co.cr (tourism.co.cr in english), autos.co.cr (cars.co.cr in

c. Not completely of my interest but I've noticed people doing that in the
US:  stop anybody from the start in an atempt to register a name that is
the same as a trademark or company name?

I will appreciate your advise on this as this is a very important matter
for all us ISPs in
Costa Rica, and that we think could be seriously geopardizing our freedom
over the internet.

Thankyou very Much, and best regards.

Alejandro Castro S.

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