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Wrong references in URL scheme registrations


notes RFC 2396 as the definition of several URL schemes, but,
in fact, RFC 2396 defines no URL schemes (intentionally)

# http  Hypertext Transfer Protocol    [RFC2396,RFC1738]

but the HTTP URL scheme is defined in RFC 2068.

# mailto   Electronic mail address     [RFC2396,RFC2368,1738]

This should just be [RFC2368], since 2396 doesn't mention 'mailto',
and 2368 updates the definition contained in 1738.

# ftp             File Transfer Protocol                 [RFC2396,RFC1738]
# gopher          The Gopher Protocol                    [RFC2396,RFC1738]
# news            USENET news                            [RFC2396,RFC1738]
# nntp            USENET news using NNTP access          [RFC2396,RFC1738]
# telnet          Reference to interactive sessions      [RFC2396,RFC1738]
# wais            Wide Area Information Servers          [RFC2396,RFC1738]
# file            Host-specific file names               [RFC2396,RFC1738]
# prospero        Prospero Directory Service             [RFC2396,RFC1738]

These are all last defined in RFC 1738, and not mentioned (except
perhaps in examples) in 2396.  I'm hoping someday there
will be updates for the ones still in use, and that the rest
will be marked obsolete, but in the meanwhile, having  references
to documents that don't actually mention the scheme
is just confusing. 


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