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[Fwd: ICIIU Comments on Summary of March 18 M.A.C. Recommendations]

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Molly E. Shaffer a écrit:

> If so, you might consider saying so on the membership list.  Although
> there is certainly room for substantive disagreement about the progress
> of the committee's work, its members have been working very hard, for
> free, for months.

I realize that, Molly, but I strenuously oppose their
recommendations, and I won't apologize for attacking them (the
recommendations, not the people who made them).

> About your announcement re the non-profit DNSO constituency:  Are you
> aware of any other efforts going on to organize this constituency?

I have put much effort into contacting all others who might be doing
that. I recently joined the aptld mailing list for the constituency,
am in contact with the South American non-commercial Internet
organizations, and am participating in an effort being conducted in
Europe to gain support for it. However, as of today I have not found
any wensite likemine that is being used for this task, nor are
there, to my knowledge, and functioning mailing lists for it.
Nevertheless, I state on my website that others are organizing the
NCDNHC. More than that I cannot do, nor could anyone else.

> other constituencies in which there were multiple organizers, we have
> encouraged people to work together to make their efforts complimentary.

I have proposed precisely that to each of the few groups I am aware
of that may be organizing the NCDNHC. So far, the Latin Americans
have not responded. The Asians have said they agree to work
collaboratively in the NCDNHC's formation, but so far I have not
seen anything substantive from them. If anyone expresses the desire
to work with the ICIIU, I will jump at the chance.

> (See, for example, the recent posting from Bret Fausett that references
> the in-person meetings being organized by others.)

The only posting from Bret that I've seen on this subject has been
the one in which he names the individuals, mostly people from the
IFWP list, who have gotten together to form an intellectual property
constituency as a counter to the INTA.

> So if you know of
> other efforts, it would be great if you could be in contact with them on
> similar collaboration.

See above. And I will surely tell you as soon as I have any details
on another concrete effort. You have my word on that. I would be
delighted if I could begin to share this responsibility. And please
note that both in what I sent for your website and what is posted on
mine, I am careful to say that the ICIIU is no more than a conduit,
facilitating a sign-up procedure. I have always offered myself and
the ICIIU as a place-holder for this constituency, on the lists, in
Monterrey, and subsequently. So please have no fear that I will
pretend that the ICIIU has a prerogative to form the NCDNHC, as John
England is doing with the business constituency on your website.

> -Molly
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