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Query about the .cc TLD from NIC.CC...

I have recently been contacted by NIC.CC--a domain name registry provider.
One of their footnotes on their "invitation invoice" was that "The .cc
domain was assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority," and yet
you have stated in your "IANA Statement on New Generic TLDs" that no new
generic TLDs will be issued at this time:

"Given the ongoing discussions about the creation of a new Internet
organization that are taking place throughout the Internet community, as
recommended in the U.S. Government's white paper on "Management of Internet
Names and Addresses", no new generic TLDs will be established at this time."

Source:  http://www.iana.org/new-gtld-statement.html

Is this still a current statement from IANA (I did notice that the page was
last updated on September 24, 1998)?  Did you, in fact, grant NIC.CC the
.cc TLD?  Is the .cc TLD, in anyway, affiliated with another Country Code
Domain?  I would appreciate your clarification on this matter so that I may
make an informed decision concerning the NIC.CC Invitation Invoice.

Thank you for your time and response,


Rick Fierro, II
Virtually Commerce Corporation
MIS - Web Development
Product Manager

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