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History of "Network Solutions.net"

Can someone please tell me what happened with Network Solutions and the difference between the ".com" and ".net"?
About a year and a half ago I was told to contact Network Solutions for a domain address ("texomarealestate.com"). I didn't know there were two different entities and got the ".com" group. As a result I paid more than I should have for a domain registration. I later found out I should have contacted the ".net" group. However, the deal was done. I have not used the URL but am now desiring to get it started. At the time of the original registration, the ".com" address was also "internic" and a statement was included which said they were not associated with Network Solutions, Inc. which could be found at www.internic.net.
About two months ago I queried Network Solutions to re-new another URL of a company I own. This was a straight forward affair. At the time I requested information about "texomarealestate.com" and found out the domain name was due to be re-registered, but it was assigned a billing contact in Australia which I have never heard of. I have never been sent any communication regarding the fact I should re-new the registration. There is no phone, fax or email contact listed for the Australian firm. Now I discover the URL is assigned to another firm and that Network Solutions has both the ".com" and ".net" addresses.
What can I do to recover this URL? If I paid for it why wasn't I sent a reminder to renew it?
I realize you may not be able to answer my questions, but perhaps you can shed some light on the situation with the Network Solutions registration. I have tried to find an email for them, but can't find it on their web page.
Thanks for any help or explanation you can offer.    Bill Melvin

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