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Re: Domain Name Disputes

I totally agre with and support the statement of Mr. Friedman!

Dietmar Stefitz
Bemarnet Management

At 10:56 12/08/98 -0400, Joseph Friedman wrote:
>Briefly, I'd like to point out that use of a name can be legal for many
>parties whether they have a trademark or not.  Two or more parties may have
>the same trademark in different jurisdictions, may have the same trademark
>in the same jurisdiction but in different industries, or may legally use a
>name without owning a trademark to it.  It is not necessary to own a
>trademark, to use a particular name.
>This being the case, domain name registration on a first-come, first-serve
>basis is the most logical.  If two (or more) parties have the right to use
>a name (even if one has a trademark and the other doesn't), neither party
>should be given preference in using a domain name with that name.
>Joseph Friedman

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