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Comments regarding economic studies

  • To: 5gtld-guide@xxxxxxxxx, kurt.pritz@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comments regarding economic studies
  • From: Elaine Pruis <elaine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 13:12:09 -0500

Dear Kurt,

Thank you for the work you and your staff have done to develop the new gTLD program.

Rod Beckstrom said in the Cartagena ICANN meeting opening ceremony, "opening up the namespace to New Generic Top Level Domains is intended to promote competition, innovation, and consumer choice."

Yet I am hearing in the halls and at the microphone some rumblings that despite many economic reports over the last several years that ICANN still hasn't proven adding more TLDs to the root would be beneficial to society; and that Must be proven before ICANN can open the New gTLD application window.

I think it is important for us a community to recognize the list of studies completed at $2 million cost to the ICANN community,

Report from CRA International “Revisiting Vertical Separation of Registries and Registrars” (Oct 08) Preliminary Analysis of Dennis Carlton Regarding Price Caps for New gTLD Internet Registries (Mar 09) Preliminary Report of Dennis Carlton Regarding Impact of New gTLDs on Consumer Welfare (Mar 09) Comments on Michael Kende's Assessment of Preliminary Reports on Competition and Pricing (Jun 09) Report Of Dennis Carlton Regarding ICANN’s Proposed Mechanism for Introducing New gTLDs [ (Jun 09) An Economic Framework for the Analysis of the Expansion of Generic Top- Level Domain Names (Jun 10) Economic Considerations in the Expansion of Generic Top-Level Domain Names, Phase II Report: Case Studies (Phase II Report) (Dec 10) In the opening ceremony Colombia's Minister of Technology provided a detailed presentation on efforts to bring innovation and jobs to Colombia through the internet. The Colombian government is committing 2.8 billion dollars despite the fact that numerous surveys conducted have shown that the majority of citizens in Colombia see no practical personal need for the internet. He said "If we make it available and build applications that are appealing, there will be more users, more demand, and therefore growth." If the groundwork and infrastructure is in place, innovation can occur and applications appealing to consumers can be built.

The minister said "The opportunity to innovate on the internet will reduce poverty, create jobs, and, increase competition and safety."

At ICANN meetings we develop policy that is based on consensus position. Yet for the last two years we have heard a few self- protectionist opponents demand study after study that will prove the consumer need for innovation. In response many analogies have been expressed. Did the Wright Brothers do market studies to get a solid number on the demand to fly from consumers? Looking back, would that study have been accurate? How about the innovations to the bicycle? The consumer "need" for the iPhone?

Juan Calle, president of .co said
"With the new domain extensions, creativity can live to the right of the dot. Registries will have to innovate to stay alive".

It is time to put the demand to prove the unpredictable to rest and allow innovation and progress to flourish.

Elaine Pruis
VP Client Services
+1 509 899 3161

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