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Re: [alac] General Manager Public Participation

  • To: alac@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: [alac] General Manager Public Participation
  • From: "Roberto Gaetano" <alac_liaison@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 14:46:01 +0000

I thought that the intention of ICANN to strngthen the organization also with hiring key staff was known. It came out anyway during the discussions on the budget, in several occasions, months ago.
So, no "hidden" reform process, but a well-known growth policy. Of course, there is some opposition to this "fattening" of ICANN, and that was also expressed during the budget discussions, but what was approved by the Board is a strengthening of the organization, as I said before.
To the specific ALAC situation, two comments.
1. I have asked explanation on how ICANN thinks to replace the part of Denise's job that is not covered by her new assignment. I think that the answer that I am going to get is that we will have the support of the staff assigned to the regions (for instance, Giovanni Seppia for Europe), but I can be more precise in the next days
2. ICANN considers ALAC not an end to itself, but a means to coordinate the support of the individual users. In this sense, the coordination will be not only a wish, but a necessity.

Personally, I consider reasonable that in a period of growth the organization starts to consolidate the top management, and then proceeds down, in order to have the appointed managers participating in the selection of their subordinates. What I am less comfortable with, is the fact that such growth relies on increased income. As of today, the income flow is not 100% sure. But isn't this the case also for commercial organizations, who rely on future sales to fund the salaries of the staff?

Anyway, congratulations to Denise.

ICANN BoD Liaison

From: shahshah@xxxxxxxx
To: "Annette Muehlberg" <annette.muehlberg@xxxxxx>
CC: "ALAC" <alac@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [alac] General Manager Public Participation
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 23:00:45 +0330 (IRST)

> I assume, these are good news:
> http://www.icann.org/general/jobs.htm#GeneralManagerPublicParticipation

Well, maybe yes, maybe no. Note that this is an executive job with the
holder reporting to ICANN President, no coordination with ALAC envisaged.
There is also a Vice President position for Outreach embedded in the
executive wing of ICANN. Two questions:
1. Who is going to finance all the new positions advertised? Were these
considered and approved when the new ICANN budget was drawn up? Maybe
Roberto knows(?). Did I miss something?
2. It looks like a new ICANN Reform Process is taking place quietly at the
executive level of ICANN(no pre-judgment of its merits intended). What
coordination is envisaged between the new expanded executive and the
legislative-advisory bodies such as the Board and ALAC?


> best > > Annette >

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