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Re: [alac] ICANNtriva on pre-registration

  • To: "Wendy Seltzer" <wendy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [alac] ICANNtriva on pre-registration
  • From: "Jacqueline Morris" <jam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:53:02 -0400

Quick question - how can one register without providing a name? I may
be ignorant here, but isn't the point of registration to say - I am so
and so, and I am representing (myself, my company, my organisation)?
So how can I register without providing a name of some sort? And if
I'm pre-registered, how can they know that I am who I say I am without
some sort of ID? I can walk in and say I'm Jacqueline Morris and get
that pass, and when the real Jacqueline Morris comes, what happens
And in a face to face meeting, how can one remain anonymous, unless
wearing a mask at all times?

On 6/19/06, Wendy Seltzer <wendy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At 08:55 AM 6/19/2006, Vittorio Bertola wrote:
>Wendy Seltzer ha scritto:
>>We'll see if Ann Onymous is permitted to enter, now that she's
>>pre-registered.  I do plan on pushing the issue this time, since
>>I've never heard articulated a reason why anonymous participants
>>should be denied entry.
>Was there ever a case of someone refusing to self-identify at an
>ICANN meeting and being denied access?
>(Not a rhetorical question, just asking.)

Yes, at the Wellington meeting, the engineer who was later handing
out "Bert" badges was denied entry when he asked to register without
providing a name.  I don't think that should be ICANN policy.


Wendy Seltzer -- wendy@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Jacqueline Morris
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