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RE: [alac] Call for Workshop Proposals

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  • Subject: RE: [alac] Call for Workshop Proposals
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 11:35:53 -0700

I was planing to forward this same message. What would you think about a
workshop proposal, prepared by the ALAC members here but not, perhaps, *by*
the ALAC, on the important role of end users in governance discussion and
lessons leaned about how to gather user input from the ICANN experiment.


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> FYI: Sean bienvenidas las propuestas... (no hay restriccion de idioma)
> http://www.intgovforum.org/workshops.html
> Workshops
> This is a call for proposals for workshops which will be held 
> in parallel to the General Sessions. Organizers of workshops 
> are asked to present their proposals making use of the 
> template posted below. 
> Proposals should respect the organizational principles and 
> criteria for the selection of workshops. The Advisory Group 
> will assess the proposals and establish a final programme for 
> the Athens meeting in light of the proposals received. An 
> online workshop proposal form will be posted on this Web site 
> next week.
> Organizational Principles
> - The guiding organizational principle for holding workshops 
> is the multi-stakeholder approach. Geographical diversity is 
> an equally relevant factor.
> - There is no distinction between different types of meetings 
> other than the one referring to General Sessions and Workshops.
> - All workshops will be held under the auspices of the 
> Advisory Group and coordinated by the IGF Secretariat.
> - All proposals fulfilling the selection criteria and using 
> the template will be posted on the IGF Web site.
> - Proposals should preferably be submitted in English. 24 
> August 2006 is set as the final deadline for submitting 
> proposals in English. The deadline for submitting proposals 
> in UN languages other than English is 31 July 2006.
> - Interested parties are encouraged to submit their proposals 
> as early as possible, as the selection process will take 
> place on an ongoing basis. An early decision will facilitate 
> the planning of workshops.
> - The final selection will be made by the Advisory Group at 
> its meeting on 7-8 September 2006.
> - The rooms reserved for workshops and all equipment, 
> including a screen and a PC or laptop for projections and a 
> projector (XGA/SVGA Data), will be available free of charge. 
> Details related to the logistics will be made available in 
> due course. No Secretariat funding is available for the 
> organization of workshops.
> - There will be no interpretation available for workshops.
> Content and format
> - Workshops will focus on the specific issues relevant to the 
> Athens meeting themes as well as on other topics of relevance 
> to Internet Governance.
> - Most workshops are expected to deal with the first 
> meeting's four broad themes. A number of workshop slots will 
> be made available to deal with important topics that do not 
> fit easily within the main themes of the conference but which 
> are nonetheless of importance to many of the stakeholders.
> - Workshops dealing with topics that are addressed in the 
> main meeting will not be scheduled at the same time as the 
> main meeting.
> - Workshops should explore a theme from different angles and 
> different stakeholders' perspectives. Pure advocacy workshops 
> will not be considered.
> - All workshops will be audiocast.
> - Workshops should respect the general format of meetings and 
> should be structured to be interactive, allowing a large 
> portion of their time for open discussion and interaction 
> with meeting attendees, such as a Q&A session. They could 
> include keynote presentations, moderated panels and 
> discussions both from the floor and from remote participants. 
> Workshops should be designed with the format that is most 
> appropriate to the particular topic under discussion.
> Selection criteria
> - Relevance to the overriding themes and topics. Priority 
> will be given to proposals for workshops related to the main themes.
> - Demonstratively proposed and organized through 
> multistakeholder collaboration.
> - Capacity to improve understanding of the IGF themes and topics.
> - Proven expertise and experience to manage the staging of 
> the workshop, including raising the funds necessary to do so.
> Template for submitting proposals
> - Name of the sponsors of the workshop and their affiliation 
> to various stakeholder groups.
> - Describe your past experience in organizing similar events. 
> What is your budget and how do you plan to finance or raise 
> the funds necessary to stage the workshop?
> - Describe how the sponsors/organizers will take steps to 
> adhere to the multi-stakeholder principle, including 
> geographical diversity.
> - Describe how the workshop would include different 
> perspectives of different stakeholders and ensure an overall 
> balance of views.
> - A concise formulation for the proposed workshop theme. 
> Proposals for workshops on topics not related to the main 
> themes should include an explanation as to why they should be 
> discussed during the first IGF meeting.
> - Describe the workshop's conformity with the Tunis Agenda in 
> terms of substance, and explain which paragraph(s) the 
> workshop theme is referring to.
> - Describe its conformity with the mandate of the IGF as set 
> out in para 72.
> - How does the workshop theme correspond to or enhance the 
> understanding of the four main themes of the first IGF meeting?
> - Why do you think the proposed theme is important?
> - Why do you think this theme should be addressed in the 
> first IGF meeting rather than in subsequent ones?
> - Describe the main actors in the field. Have you approached 
> them and asked whether they would be willing to participate 
> in the proposed workshop?
> - The proposal should not exceed 1000 words.
> Reporting back to the General Session
> One summary report of all the workshops held in one day in a 
> UN working language (i.e. English or French) will be prepared 
> by the Secretariat in cooperation with the organizers. This 
> report will be read out at the recap session at the beginning 
> of the General Session in the Main Hall and benefit from 
> interpretation in all UN languages and real-time 
> transcription. It will last no longer than 40 minutes. 

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