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[alac] DRAFT Request for Issues Report

  • To: <alac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [alac] DRAFT Request for Issues Report
  • From: Jean Armour Polly <mom@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 16:57:45 -0400

Hi, let's talk about this on the public list--after the Domain Name Monetization workshop in Marrakech, I brought up a proposal to ask staff for an issues report on "domain name tasting." (For background, see
http://icannwiki.org/Parked_Domain_Monetization )
I remember the discussion -- Jacqueline asked if asking for an issues report automatically means a PDP would follow. The answer was no. I specifically asked if everyone was agreed that ALAC wanted to move forward with asking for an issues report. There was absolutely no voiced opposition, at all, but on the other hand a formal vote was not taken to approve it, either. Since ALAC has never asked for an issues study before, we were all unclear as to the process. It was left that Annette would ask Bruce to find out what the process is and that we would return to it.

As we all know, ALAC's mission is to form RALOs and to advise on policy. While we've been busy working on the former, here's a chance to be more proactive on the latter. Domain Name Tasting is an example of that-- but we need some answers to some questions before we can make an informed recommendation. Asking for an issues report is a way to get those answers.

In the domain name monetization workshop we found out that LESS THAN 5% of .com names are kept past the free 5 day add-grace float period. I wonder if this affects the stability and security of the Internet in any way. (In fact I wonder if we'd be able to see more new gTLDs if the add-grace practice (and its resulting traffic) were stopped.)

Also, have you noticed that more often than not, sites that rise to the top of a Google search (for example) are really nothing more than "ad farms" that offer no content except for ads about the search terms typed by the end user. I would like to know how end users feel about this-- do they enjoy the opportunity to click on targeted ads, or do they feel that their time is being wasted by having to sift through these "junk sites" in order to find sites that will really be of interest to them?

ALAC is really the only voice of the end-user in ICANN. I would like to see us get more involved in things that affect the individual end-user. Clearly, domain name tasting is one of those things. Many registrars love this practice because it makes them a lot of money. Some, like GoDaddy, feel it is an abuse of the add-grace system. An issues report from staff may help us sort it all out.

Now that we know the process, our chair may choose to call a vote on asking for an issues report on this topic. I believe it is of vital importance to end-users--although I am also quite sure that most of them have no idea what is taking place! Here is a chance for ALAC to shine and show that it really is looking out for end-users by asking ICANN to investigate the matter.

Jean Armour Polly

At 10:37 PM -0300 6/30/06, Sebas Ricciardi recently said:
Before get in contact with other constituencies, I think we ought some
clarifications ...
What are exactly the issues that affect Users, and in what way?
Form there we should 1)vote, 2)start working in a statement with our ALSs
and 3)Send that statement form the GNSO and post it in our website.



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de Wendy Seltzer
Enviado el: Viernes, 30 de Junio de 2006 07:03 p.m.
Para: Bret Fausett
CC: 'ICANN ALAC admin list'
Asunto: Re: [alac-admin] DRAFT Request for Issues Report

At 05:43 PM 6/29/2006 -0700, Bret Fausett wrote:
Here is a draft formal request to send to the GNSO and the ICANN Staff.
We need to supply the details of the ALAC vote and also revise or
supplement the preliminary statement of issues. For your consideration.

Thanks Bret, one additional item noted below. Further, I think this is an interesting place where our goals might align with those of the cross-constituency (IP, bus, ISP), though their reasons for opposing domain tasting likely differ from those of individual Internet users. Hence it might be a chance to work with a different set of allies.



Dear Councilors and Staff,

As announced on 29 June 2006 during the Marrakech public forum, the At
Large Advisory Committee would like to initiate a policy process to
examine the issue of temporary registrations of domain names in gTLDs
during the five-day registry grace period. The temporary registration
practice is often called "domain name tasting." This request for a
policy process and an issues report is made pursuant to Section 1(c) of
the ICANN Bylaws Annex on the GNSO Policy Development Process ("PDP").
(http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#AnnexA) This request follows
the __-0 vote of the ALAC on 28 June 2006 to initiate a PDP on this issue.

In preparing an issues report, the ALAC asks Staff to take note of, at
least, the following issues: (a) the technical load and financial costs
placed on registries and registrars by temporary registrations; (b) the
extent to which end users and domain name registrants are affected by
such load and costs; (c) possible benefits to end users and domain name
registrants from being able to sample a domain name prior to making a
one-year registration; (d) the impact of domain name tasting, if any,
on domain name registrants who have not renewed a name and not
 >reclaimed the name during the deletion grace period; (e) the impact of
 >domain name tasting, if any, on new potential registrants wishing to
 >acquire a domain name after the end of the deletion grace period.

(f) the impact of domain tasting, if any, on non-registration related
Internet use, such as web browsing and search, and the stability of domain
ownership as it affects those activities.

This request makes no assertion regarding whether aspects of those
activities fall within ICANN's mandate, as it seeks information on the broad
scope of effects of the current implementation and use of the add-grace

  The Staff also should
examine and consider any other issues surrounding temporary
registrations not specifically noted here.

Thank you for acting on this request, and the ALAC looks forward to
working with the GNSO and the ICANN Staff on these challenging issues.

Very truly yours,

Annette Mühlberg
Chair, ICANN At Large Advisory Committee


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