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[bc-gnso] Update on CCWG-Accountability

  • To: BC List <bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [bc-gnso] Update on CCWG-Accountability
  • From: Steve DelBianco <sdelbianco@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2015 23:52:38 +0000

As your CSG Rep on the 
 here’s an update:

CCWG has 3 work parties: Community Empowerment, Reviews, and Stress Tests.

On community 
 we’re looking at giving the ‘community’ (AC/SO/SG reps) power to veto board 
budgets, veto board decisions, and veto bylaws changes.

And we drafted bylaws 
 to move the 4 reviews required in the Affirmation of 
 into ICANN Bylaws.  The community would get the role of appointing review team 
members, of course.

We also drafted changes to ICANN bylaws so the board only has to give 'due 
deference' to GAC advice when it gives 'Consensus advice’.   GAC is thinking 
that one over…

 we’re looking to give the ‘community’ (AC/SO/SG reps) standing and access to 
Reconsideration and Independent Reviews.

Also looking at changes to bylaws/articles that would restrict ICANN to its 
technical mission.

And we’ve taken 25 Stress 
 and applied them to what the CWG and CCWG are presently considering (attached).

We can’t apply stress tests definitively until we have a defined 
mechanism/structure to test, but we’ve done our best with the proposed 
mechanisms at this point.

Please note that several stress tests apply to work of the CWG (#1, 2, 21, 19, 
20, 25)

Both the CWG-Transition and CCWG-Accountability are having a face-to-face 
meeting in Istanbul March 22-24.

Questions and suggestions welcome.


Steve DelBianco
Executive Director
http://www.NetChoice.org<http://www.netchoice.org/> and 

Attachment: Applying Stress Tests [Draft v7].docx
Description: Applying Stress Tests [Draft v7].docx

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