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Re: [board-09georegionswg] For Review and Feedback - Latest Geo Regions Draft Final Report

  • To: Robert Hoggarth <robert.hoggarth@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [board-09georegionswg] For Review and Feedback - Latest Geo Regions Draft Final Report
  • From: Pablo Hinojosa <pablo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 16:59:07 +1000


Thanks a lot for this. Two comments:

First, in Singapore we discussed about the role that the representatives from the NRO have taken in this group and we agreed to set a new category of observers to better reflect their participation. (Refer to page 13-14 of the transcript).

As I said in Singapore, the result of the WG deliberations in the use of the RIR system is not a solution proposed by the RIRs. I think it is best that RIR representatives would not be perceived as authors of the proposal but as observers to the process (which best reflect their actual role in the WG).

Second comment:

On paragraph 52, the language of "alignment with RIR allocation" still prevails. In Singapore, the WG agreed that the RIR system will be used as a starting point with possible subsequent reassignments. As David said in Singapore: it is a snapshot and not tied to the RIR structure or evolution. (Refer to page 11 of the transcript).

Hope the group agrees to include these comments in the final report.

Best regards,
Pablo Hinojosa

On 26/07/11 8:29 AM, Robert Hoggarth wrote:
Dear Geo Regions Working Group Members:

Attached please find the latest draft of the "Draft Final Report of the
Geographic Regions Review Working Group." This latest draft document
incorporates edits derived from discussions in Singapore including
community reaction to Dave's presentations at the Singapore Workshop and
At Large community feedback from his meeting with the ALAC.

The document is in red-line format to clearly show any changes from the
previous pre-Singapore draft.

*_Please provide any further edits or comments you have regarding the
document to the complete WG mailing list by Friday, August 5. _* Please
clearly label your edited draft document by adding your initials
immediately after the July 25 date in the document name. If you don't
have specific edits but have comments about a particular numbered
paragraph, please express those in an email that clearly identifies what
paragraphs you would like to change. Please let me know as soon as
possible if for any reason you think you need additional time beyond
August 5.

If there are substantial edits prompted by this review/editing round,
then we will produce another draft version. If there are no substantial
changes, then I will confirm with Dave and send the document to the
ICANN translation team. Upon completion of the translations we will post
the document for public comment and, if all goes well, be prepared to
discuss community feedback at the ICANN Public Meeting in Dakar -- as a
prelude to producing a completed Final Report to circulate for review
and discussion by all your supporting organizations and advisory
committees after the Dakar meeting.

The audiocast and the Adobe Connect record of the Singapore Workshop
have been posted on the session web-page – see
http://singapore41.icann.org/node/24625. I am hopeful that we will have
a full transcript of the Singapore Workshop also completed soon and
posted on the session web page.

Looking forward to any comments or edits you have.

Best regards,

Rob Hoggarth

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