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Comments of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on “Supporting the DNS Industry in Underserved Regions”

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  • Subject: Comments of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on “Supporting the DNS Industry in Underserved Regions”
  • From: "韩李云" <hanliyun@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 11:49:02 +0800

Comments of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on “Supporting 
the DNS Industry in Underserved Regions”
   On behalf of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), hereby we 
like to take this opportunity to provide our comments on
Supporting the DNS Industry
in Underserved Regions
. Firstly, CNNIC appreciate that ICANN places the
emphasis on the underserved regions and developing countries in terms of the
DNS industry, and we also welcome the efforts ICANN has made on how to overcome
the obstacles which hamper the development of DNS industry in the underserved
regions. Meanwhile, our comments focus mainly on the implementation path, the
insurance issue, registry account funding, the operator expertise issue, the
participation in policy making and the consumer awareness.
Our specific comments are as follows:
1. Regarding to the implementation path
Given local ccTLD has
relatively comprehensive knowledge in their community and local registrars,
CNNIC suggests ICANN to work with ccTLDs community in order to clarify varying
degree of flexibility, such as the different criteria of CGL coverage could be
set up in geographically diverse regions.
2.Regarding to the insurance issue
CNNIC supports ICANN to
invite relevant insurance companies from underserved regions to attend ICANN
meetings and encourage them to stimulate their interest in investing on
registrar insurance marketplace.  We consider that it is feasible solution
to provide a list of accredited insurance companies who are known to serve the
existing registrar business for registrars.
3. Regarding to the registry account
CNNIC recommends ICANN to
act itself or have banks as payment clearing houses and encourage registries to
adopt a slide deposit schedule, which will largely relieve financial burdens
for registrars that engage in providing domain registration services for a
variety of TLDs.
4.Regarding to the operator expertise issue
Based on CNNIC experience as
registries for several TLDs, we recognize that DNS industry quite involves
professional technology, differentiating itself with other businesses in
internet industry, thus it is usually time consuming for young professionals to
become domain insiders. Considering this, CNNIC recommends ICANN to conduct a
floating expert team for underserved regions to provide training opportunities.
We also suggest ICANN should cooperate with local educational organizations to
cultivate talents with mature expertise and initiate boot camp events to absorb
raw talents for DNS industry.
5. Regarding to the participation in policy
CNNIC suggests ICANN to
publish documents timely of multi-language translation on ICANN official
website. This will encourage more participation from a variety of underserved 
through providing a convenient and diverse policy circumstances. 
6. Regarding to consumer awareness
CNNIC is in favor of ICANN’s
proposal of partnering and launching awareness campaigns in underserved regions
with other internet structures. This will enable public to touch upon and grasp
knowledge of DNS industry and bring increasing trust from the underserved
Internet Network Information Center (abbreviated as CNNIC) is an administration
and service organization set up on June 3, 1997 upon the approval of the
competent authority and undertakes the responsibilities as the national
Internet network information center. In light of the policies of
"providing efficient and application oriented services through secure
& stable Internet infrastructure for public interests”, CNNIC, as leading
actor in Chinese information society, is responsible for operation,
administration and services of fundamental Internet resources, undertakes
R&D and security work of fundamental Internet resources, conducts research
on Internet development and internet governance, and promotes the cooperation
and technological exchange of global Internet. A global platform for internet
governance research called internet governance research center (IGR) has also
been founded by CNNIC.
Prof. Xiaodong Lee,
CEO of China
Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)

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