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ISC Comments on Enhancing ICANN Accountability

  • To: <comments-enhancing-accountability-06may14@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: ISC Comments on Enhancing ICANN Accountability
  • From: 钟睿 <zr@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 09:21:30 +0800 (CST)

<P>Dear all,<BR><BR>Internet Society of China (ISC) welcomes ICANN’s further 
step to enhance accountability. ICANN is responsible for the assignment and 
coordination of DNS’s technical protocol parameters, which is crucial to ensure 
a stable, secure and unified global Internet. With the Internet gradually 
becoming the important information infrastructure for all nations, virtually 
every global stakeholders, including governments and Internet users, has 
attached increasingly more attention to the maintenance of a stable and 
reliable Internet. On behalf of Chinese Internet community, ISC has high 
expectations on ICANN’s accountability enhancement and would like to submit 
following comments:</P>
<P>A.The implementation of ICANN functions should be transparent and 
<P>ICANN should implement its functions of management and coordination of 
Internet resources in a more transparent way. ICANN should carefully consider 
the opinions and advice provided by global multi-shareholders, whose diversity 
of status and development stage should be taken into consideration. Moreover, 
the function implementation should be accountable to the global public and 
multi-stakeholders to make ICANN’s day-to-day operation be more transparent and 
open. Thus, a feasible accountability mechanism must be set up to guarantee 
that rights should come in line with responsibilities and the implementation 
should be processed under proper supervision.&nbsp;</P>
<P>B.Changing of ICANN’s legal status.</P>
<P>As a California nonprofit corporation, ICANN is subject to both the state 
laws of California, and the United States federal laws. It makes an impression 
to the public that ICANN is under the control of one single government, which 
is inconsistent with ICANN’s intention to be responsible for global 
multi-shareholders and will be impeditive of ICANN’s deepening globalization. 
In this regard, the existing legal status is not propitious for formulating an 
optimal multi-stakeholders working model. It is well suggested that ICANN 
seriously take the legal status issue into consideration, so that its 
multi-stakeholders working model could achieve a wide range of recognition and 
satisfaction in the world.</P>
<P>C.Sticking to the principle of multilingualism.</P>
<P>ICANN should stick to the principle of multilingualism in its work and 
related affairs, so as to greatly facilitate even higher participation from 
non-English speaking communities. Spoken by the largest population in the 
world, the Chinese language should be accordingly addressed and reflected in 
various ICANN affairs. By offering Chinese simultaneous interpretation service 
at the annual meetings and timely providing policy documents and archives of 
Chinese version on its website, ICANN could effectively enhance the Chinese 
Internet community’s understanding of its activities, and then motivate their 
more participation and contribution.</P>
<P>D.Following the principle of user-first.</P>
<P>Internet users as a group is ICANN’s&nbsp;&nbsp; ultimate service target, so 
ICANN should follow the principle of user-first during its whole policy-making 
process. Specifically, inquiry and complaint channels should be established to 
receive users’ complaints and suggestions. More importantly, a responding 
mechanism should be set up to give feedback to each case and boost the 
<P><BR>ZHONG Rui<BR>Internet Society of China (ISC)</P>

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