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ICANN - Matt Says Respect Our Privacy

  • To: comments-ppsai-initial-05may15@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: ICANN - Matt Says Respect Our Privacy
  • From: Matt Kachurak <support@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 14:42:40 -0400

Dear ICANN –​ (as in Icann NOT believe this is happening)​

Regarding the proposed rules governing companies that provide WHOIS privacy
services (as set forth in the Privacy and Policy Services Accreditation
Issues Policy document):

I urge you to respect internet users' rights to privacy and due process.
- Everyone deserves the right to privacy.
- No one’s personal information should be revealed without a court order,
regardless of whether the request comes from a private individual or law
enforcement agency.

We have DUE process for a reason!! To legally protect the rights of
citizens, not to violate them at every turn. Private information should be
kept private!!

I was a police officer for nearly 16 years and worked directly for the U.S.
Government and I can tell you better than most, that PRIVACY is a HOT topic
and something that MUST be taken SERIOUSLY and upheld!!! I'm 100% certain
that you wouldn't just want a police officer (like I was) to just come to
your door and waltz right in without your permission, rummaging through
your private home, looking through all your personal PRIVATE belongings,
looking for something that may cause you strife or put you in unwarranted
risk, WOULD YOU??? Why should we do the same with our websites? Our
domains? Its none of your business!!! So, do us a favor and stay out of our
business!! You have no RIGHT to do so, but WE DO, to protect our PRIVACY,
which is just as sacred as anything else. How about we nose into your
business and force you to reveal the inner-workings of ICANN and exactly
every process, email and piece of information that you put out and have in
your day to day operations? I'm sure we could uncover a scandal or two -
don't you???

Do the RIGHT thing for once.... stay out of our private lives!! Don't
succumb to more government bureaucracy and red-tape.... have a backbone and
stand up for what is right!!!

Thank you.​

Matt K.

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