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  • To: comments-rpm-prelim-issue-09oct15@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: public comment
  • From: Ron Baione <ron.baione@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2015 19:33:18 -0700

If you are smart enough to purchase a domain, and somebody else wants that 
domain, they should pay the owner for it.  Its no different than owning a house 
that somebody else things they could do better with, or land that somebody else 
wants to develop.  Instead of pay for it, people want to make owning and not 
developing illegal.  The problem is sometimes it is difficult for domain 
providers to contact cyber squatters to offer them a price for the domain.  
Develop a policy to get a fair price quote to the owner of the domain, have an 
investigation team get a reliable address and mail a letter.  Check to see if 
the owner no longer exists and contact family members to get an email address 
for contact.m But what will be the price offered?  I would say fair market 
value based on a survey of random citizens on what they think the price should 
be, then multiply that price by 5.  If the buyer can&#39;t accept the price, 
too bad, no deal.  If the owner rejects
 the price, and the buyer accepts the price, an arbitration process can be set 
up with an &quot;internet judge&quot; on what fair value should be and it must 
be accepted after owner rejects original offer, with statements of each party 
being allowed to be submitted.  If the buyer accepts the price and owner of the 
domain cannot be found, and no family members can be found, the price is 
accepted and placed in escrow for one year, like a winning lotto ticket in 
which the owner or owners family has a year to claim the funds via email, funds 
can be sent by paypal etc.  In no way should domains be taken without every 
effort to pay the owner for it and to contact the owner or owners family about 
the possible transaction.  If a company has a trademark question, they can go 
to court if the above process isnt good enough, but why would they spend money 
on court fees when they could just buy the domain through the above process?  
They want the domain fast, not
 years later via court.

Ron Baione-Doda

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