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Proposed Renewal of .TEL Registry Agreement

  • To: "comments-tel-renewal-04aug16@xxxxxxxxx" <comments-tel-renewal-04aug16@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Proposed Renewal of .TEL Registry Agreement
  • From: Martin Holstern <tel@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2016 23:56:24 +0200

Telnic tried for years to destroy the TLD .tel.
It is unacceptable that Telnic continue to be responsible for the .tel TLD.
Telnic refused many years an open communication with the community.
Telnic is continuously against the interests of its customers.Any suggestions 
by customers have been always ignored.
The registration numbers have declined from a peak in March 2011 with 330,000 
.tel domains to currently about 100,000 .tel domains.
Telnic has always suppressed an open discussion in its forum. Unwanted comments 
not with the same opinion by Telnic have been always deleted in the forum.In 
January 2015, all comments in the public forum have been deleted from Telnic 
without exception.Instead, a new forum page with empty content was provided.
Telnic had violeted the ICANN regulations and established an own registrar 
named Telnames that was wholly-owned subsidiary. Telnic tried to to cover up 
the ownership of Telnames.All Telnic customers had no access to the advanced 
templates from Telnames. Customers were fighting for long to get the more 
advanced template from Telnames, but they had to stay with an immature 
product.Meanwhile Telnames was closed again. Old and Telnic customers still 
have no access to their templates.
The community has discussed the motivation of Telnic many times. We can assume 
that Telnic never had any interest in the success of .tel.
Meanwhile, the situation at Telnic is terrible:
- The London office is closed. Telnic has no own company address anymore. 
Instead Telnic's accountants receive Telnic's mail correspondence.- Almost 
without exception, all employees were fired.- Telnic has strong financial 
burdens and tried to hide the balance sheets for years from the public. For 
this purpose Telnic used legal loopholes. It's assumed that this behavior isn't 
legal. Read more at: http://www.teltalk.org/t1733-telnic-pulls-a-cunning-move- 
For years, customers fired complaints towards Telnic. Telnic ignored all of 
them.- Telnic has not the slightest interest in the operation of .tel, but 
loves to simply collect the renewal fees of the remaining registrations.
A future operation of the TLD. tel by Telnic is impossible.
Kind regardsMartin Holstern                                       

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