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ICANN Are Not Hearing the Community

  • To: <competition-pricing-prelim@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: ICANN Are Not Hearing the Community
  • From: "Max Menius" <mmeniusjr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 07:24:54 -0500

Dr. Carlton writes in conclusion "Together, these factors imply that consumer 
welfare is likely to be harmed if the deployment of gTLDs is restricted or 
delayed ,,,".

This consultant's inferences and reasoning, as outlined in the study, are 
overly weighted on an obviously sketchy understanding of tld evolution. Half of 
his report is an extensive list of very general references pertaining to 
economics (supposedly to support his flawed contentions and conclusions). I'm 
not impressed. 

The proposed problems and numerous issues surrounding new tld introduction are 
far more complex and individualized than can be addressed through the 
application of general economic discussion & principles. Despite knowledge of 
general economics, Dr. Carlton does not qualify as an expert in the area of 
tld's or the complex underlying forces that have supported the growth of the 
internet through gradual adoption and use of various top level domains.

That "consumer welfare is likely to be harmed" if gTLD's are delayed is 
extremely naive (pure unsubstantiated opinion), and a disingenuous position 
that defies common sense. To the contrary, consumer welfare & the substantial 
interests of many vested parties are AT RISK of significant damage should ICANN 
continue to push forward with unwanted and unneeded gTLD's. This imagined 
enhancement of bringing innovation to the market is a weak, pie-in-the-sky 
supposition on which to hang ICANN justification. 

Not only that, it is obvious to educated readers that Dr. Carlton grossly 
underestimates the extent and diversity of risks that unregulated new gTLD's 
will impose on corporations, internet users, and the underlying organization of 
the internet (which has evolved around a predictable, and limited, top level 
domain system). 

Again, ICANN have already received intelligent, well-crafted input from the 
larger business community regarding the likely dangers that numerous new gTLD's 
will bring to the market. These dangers will affect corporations, internet 
companies and developers, internet users, and widepsread stakeholders around 
the world. A majority have already weighed in. Their positions made clear. 

Are ICANN listening? It appears to me that ICANN continue to opt for some kind 
of charade of "community involvement", while an underlying agenda is being 
propped up and pushed forward by weak studies and a never ending cycle of more 
commentary and more time buying. 

Numerous new tld's are potentially damaging. And that has already been 
articulated by a large group of seasoned experts. More "public comment" is not 
the issue. ICANN's ability to listen, and hear, is the issue. 

M. Menius
Greensboro, NC, USA

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