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I wholeheartedly oppose the formation of a CyberSafety Constituency.

  • To: cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: I wholeheartedly oppose the formation of a CyberSafety Constituency.
  • From: Bob Smith <robert@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 17:25:17 +0900

Reading a smattering of the responses, which all seem to be the same for some
reason I cannot begin to guess. It is becoming clear to me that the religious
fruitcakes are intent on interfering with every netizen's right to horseporn.

It is also apparent that the internet is flat and does not extend outside the
United States.

One can draw parallels with other religious methods, that of asking for a
higher power to solve their problem for them for example. One may wish to
point out that God, in any of his names, has not yet taken any action to
curtail our access to horseporn. Should ICANN even be involved?

This is not actually about protecting the children. It is an anti-porn
crusade by uninteresting religious types with nothing better to do than
interfere. Whatever happened to the separation of Church and State? Why,
for that matter, should ICANN, a supposedly international organisation
(read, American), listen to religious organisations at all? Be they
Christian, Muslim or Goat Worshippers.

Obviously, something should be done about protectint the children. Perhaps
the most effective solution would be to sterilise those parents and potential
parents who support this sort of interference.

If parents actually cared, and it is obvious from all the (form) responses
that they DO NOT, then they would educate and supervise their offspring
instead of trying to get someone else to do their work for them. In short,
attempting to legislate around their own laziness and incompetence in the
matter of nurturing the younger generation.

Perhaps, if you feel strongly enough to blindly post a form letter from your
fellow Mormons, you should consider bringing up your children properly.

If you merely place barriers to their access to horseporn, they can and will
work around them. Often purely because you put those barriers there in the
first place. This would make such a toothless Constituency the laughing stock
it would deserve to be if it was formed. As they would solve nothing, merely
getting in the way of progress. Something that organised religion is very,
very good at.

Please, ICANN, Protect our horseporn!

        Bob Smith,
        Somewhere outside the US,

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