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Please reject the Petition to form a Cybersafety Constituency

  • To: cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Please reject the Petition to form a Cybersafety Constituency
  • From: Grimm <grimmsd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 09:37:29 -0700

To whom it may concern,

I read the petition to form a "Cybersafety" Constituency, I was appalled. A
small religious minority are advocating the opposite of the intent of
establishing the Internet in the first place.

The petition uses the word "safety" to mask the real intent of censorship.
The term "balance unfettered free speech" is particularly telling. Free
speech is already balanced by it's nature. It is balanced by free speech of
opposing view points. Anyone who refers to free speech as "unfettered free
speech" whats to fetter it. To restrain it. Therefore one must infer that in
this context the intent of the word is to eliminate free speech.

This Constituency is nothing more and nothing less than an attempt for a
religious minority to enforce it's views on an entire means of
communication. The best part for this group of people is that ICANN will be
picking up the bill for the lawyer fees and court costs every time they
squash an opposing point of view.

Many of the letters you are receiving advocating the establishment of this
Constituency are the result of an entire church being told to email you. The
people you are not hearing from are the ones who don't know about this
travesty because no one has even told them. The great majority would reject
this idea if they knew what it really was.

Please, reject this farce. For the legal costs, for free speech, for
religious freedom (including not being forced to adhere to the tenants of
the Mormons) and most importantly because it it the right thing to do.

Thank you,

Cyril VanKeirsbelk
Concerned Citizen

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