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Opposed based on foundations of the Internet

  • To: cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Opposed based on foundations of the Internet
  • From: Nicholas Forysinski <nicholas.forysinski@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 16:13:34 -0400

I strongly oppose the creation of a Cybersafety group on the grounds that
the Internet was inheritly designed to be a free, open, and available
repository for information (whether it be true, false, right, wrong, or pure
opinion). Creation of a board with the purpose of limiting or adjusting the
"rules" of the Internet based on the "wisdom" of the board itself would
allow for a biased, unchecked, organization to create arbitrary rules that
align with the board's definition of "safety" and "good". The board's rules
would severly inhibit the growth of the Internet as a technology, with
little-to-no added benefit. The needs of the many out-way the needs of the
few, and in this case the needs of the many are for an open, free, growing
source of information and data, and the needs of the few are for someone to
hold their hand while they access it.

While it is quite obvious that the Internet will have its share of bad
aspects, including child pornography, hate speech, terrorist safe-havens,
etc. the benefits of the good aspects GREATLY outweight the negatives of the
bad. Attempting to create a board or organization to monitor the bad would
allow for a direct reduction of the good aspects of the Internet, based on
the fact that the baord's idea of the good will always differ from someone
elses. Thus, this would dwindle the "free speech" nature of the Internet and
create an Internet that is more propaganda, than secure.

The addition of a "cybersafety" board would not add safety, only difficult.
It would slow development, expansion, and usability of the Internet with no
added benefit. The only people who seek to benefit is the few who blame the
problems they have created by their careless use of the Internet, on the
Internet itself. The creation of this board would be tantamount to creating
an organization that monitors and restricts the actions of free people
simply because there are murderers in the midst. There is a great logical
fallacy in stopping free people from being free simply to save them from
possible dangers.

Please reject this request.


Nicholas Forysinski

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