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Religious Right has no say in this matter at all til they practice what they preach

  • To: <cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Religious Right has no say in this matter at all til they practice what they preach
  • From: "Dan Paul" <dcpaul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 20:27:04 -0400

If the "Moral Minority" don't want to see Porn on the internet, they can buy
some kind of "Surf-nanny" program.

ISP port blocking is fine ONLY if that ISP is solely owned by the Mormons or
some other religious group.

However, I am the captain of my own browsing habits, not Mormonism or some
other religion.

This boils down to censorship pure and simple and that is illegal until Porn
is federally banned from bookstores and magazine stands.

Given their viewpoint, they would rather see people be dismembered by
gunfire on national television but ban people making love as being "sick".


Remember, these are the same people who prevented the .XXX domains from
being approved which would have made it far easier to personally control
porn viewing without resorting to ISP level filtering. A simple *.xxx in a
host file would have sufficed.


In my mind, there is nothing as despicable as someone who hides behind the
skirts of Religion while they practice their private perversions. Puritanism
is evil, plain and simple and it in fact breeds sex crime, which is the end
result of sexual repression perpetuated my so called religious mores'. 


You have only to look at Europe where the sight of a naked body does not
"give rise" to deviant sexual behavior, simply because nakedness and
sexuality are not directly connected there. 


In the United States, nakedness and sexuality are automatically connected by
the "dirty little minds" created by Fundamentalist Religious upbringing.


Europe has less than 10% of the sexual deviancy per capita rate than we have
here in the US. I blame Religion not Porn.


If you want to ban anything, ban Religion since more people have killed each
other arguing over religious differences than anything else in history.




Dan Paul


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