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  • To: cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comments
  • From: a <a@xxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 22:52:55 -0400

I think this effort is backwards.  Instead of expecting the entire world
to remove whatever is desired from the international and standardized
port 80 for ALL HTTP traffic, lets make this opt in for everyone, and
establish a new port assignment for CLEAN HTTP traffic.

Those web hosts around the world that wish to belong to this new clean
internet can reprogram their web servers to respond to whatever new port
number is assigned.  Consumers that wish to surf without any chance of
running into any objectionable content can block port 80 and 443 at
their router, or have their ISP block it in their network.  This would
have the effect of allowing those that wish to surf without encountering
undesired things the ability to do so, without affecting anyone else
that does not wish to be a part of this plan.  In effect, it is totally
opt-in and would work almost exactly like the kids.us domain in the USA.

Those choosing to surf this way would find the internet quite restricted
though.  As an example, it is impossible for the standard Google website
to work in such a manner, as 1) 99% of sites indexed would be on the
standard port 80 or 443, and 2) the site would not meet the safety
requirements of the new port since banned items could be searched for.

Maybe Google might make a new port compatible site, by only presenting
as results only those sites being originated on the new CLEAN HTTP port.
Since Google already has an IPv6 version of their site, maybe they might
choose to offer such a site.

There is a lot of orphaned content out there on port 80 that does not
have anyone to edit to meet the new content standard the proposers offer
for port 80.  It is a lot more fair to start totally opt in.  Also, laws
will have a much easier time regulating what can be placed in a new
clean space, rather than attempting to ban expo facto content that was
present prior to the existence of the new law, a regulation that would
not be permitted in places like the USA, where such laws are

Please do not regulate Port 80, as the RFC's have always been content
neutral as to what content may be transmitted by HTTP.


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