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comment on dns cert

  • To: <dns-cert-proposal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: comment on dns cert
  • From: "Jean Robert Hountomey" <hrobert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 00:10:46 -0500

For someone from a "Resource Constrained Environments" the question is more on how the community can fulfill the urgent need in terms of operation requirements identified by the DNS SSR.

And the fact that we are discussing it today underlines that there are still a lot to do and to consider in terms of building a dedicated information sharing and incident response capability, raising the level of awareness with respect to the dns, but also to fill the need to strength the collaboration between DNS technical ops and security community and among different players while improving both technical and non technical toolset.

Learning from the different events and threats we faced, we have been lucky because people and companies devoted their time in technical and collaboration effort to have problems solved. But to go further, it seems that it is more and more important to have someone accountable to coordinate existing efforts.

Several organizations exist, that play a big role on parts of the identified areas; DNS OARC, Cert (Africa has only 2 certs registered with the First), First, RISG, Ops-Trust, etc. Most of them if there are not unknown; take care due to several reasons (bylaws, model, voluntary basis, membership .) only of a part of what is needed.

We have seen people contacting Icann or even Isoc chapter's (even if this is not their roles) because:

-       They are more known
-       People want a single entity to talk to
- People are under pressure and don't have the time nor the resources to start looking around dealing with emergency cases - People need a proxy to act on their behalf to reach the world and to be reached from the world by a trusted party - People need someone to rely on and who has the knowledge or can find the knowledge or the resources needed for them

Icann has been playing like other organization a big role on this and my opinion is that the community deserves to have a dedicated body that can stand between different exiting players while filling the concerns that are not yet addressed by those identified players.

Jean Robert Hountomey

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