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Comments by FRANCE on the Proposal of a "DNS-CERT"

  • To: dns-cert-proposal@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comments by FRANCE on the Proposal of a "DNS-CERT"
  • From: Bertrand de La Chapelle <bdelachapelle@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 14:49:51 +0200

Please find below (and attached) Comments by the French Government on the
Proposal of a DNS-CERT.

Comments by France on the Proposal of a “DNS-CERT”**

To :

Mr Peter Dengate-Thrush                  Mr Rod Beckstrom
Chair - ICANN Board                          CEO & President

France is grateful for the opportunity to express its views on the *Proposed
Strategic Initiatives for ImprovedDNS Security, Stability and Resiliency
(SSR)* and *DNS CERT business case* posted for public comment onFebruary 12,

France considers the security and resilience of the DNS as a very
significant issue and thanks ICANN for initiating a public debate on this
crucial topic. We would like however to provide the following comments:

1.  ICANN proposes a specific concrete solution (a DNS CERT) before
sufficient opportunities for discussion in the community have been provided
on the best way forward regarding this critical issue. As a result, a
preliminary consensus has not been built yet on the definition of the
problem itself, its various dimensions and the actors involved. DNS security
improvement is of interest for all stakeholders and should be discussed in a
cross-community manner. France therefore welcomes the joint initiative of
ALAC, GNSO and ccNSO to request the establishment of a cross-community SO/AC
group. A dedicated cross-community workshop on this topic should also be
organized during the upcoming public meeting of ICANN in Brussels.

2. With respect to the *DNS CERT business case* document, and without
prejudice of further comments in due course, France wants to stress at this
preliminary stage the need to :

   - Avoid confusion between global and local security issues regarding the
   DNS infrastructure;
   - Distinguish more clearly between preparedness and reaction measures ;
   - Identify the gap between what already exists and what is needed ;
   - Take into account and engage in the discussions all actors involved in
   the DNS security chain such as ISPs, technical organizations, etc.

3. Finally, France believes that the discussion should not be limited to the
ICANN community and should take advantage of the opportunities for dialogue
offered inter alia by the Internet Governance Forum. We would therefore
welcome the organization of a dedicated workshop involving all relevant
actors during the next IGF meeting in Vilnius as a valuable initiative.

Bertrand de LA CHAPELLE
Special Envoy for the Information Society
French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Bertrand de La Chapelle
Délégué Spécial pour la Société de l'Information / Special Envoy for the
Information Society
Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes/ French Ministry of Foreign
and European Affairs
Tel : +33 (0)6 11 88 33 32

"Le plus beau métier des hommes, c'est d'unir les hommes" Antoine de Saint
("there is no greater mission for humans than uniting humans")

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