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domain tastinmg comments

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  • Subject: domain tastinmg comments
  • From: <chris@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 19:53:25 -0500

Charging 20 cents for dropped names is not going to get rid of the big players 
in the domain tasting and domain kiting game. This just puts out the message 
that it's ok to do domain tasting and kiting as long as ICANN also profits from 
the practice. Elimination of the grace period is the answer to domain tasting 
and kiting.

It is very simple to understand for most of us and I find it hard to believe 
claims by ICANN staff and board members that they don't get it. When a user 
subscribes to an ezine or joins a forum, they fill out a form. Then they get an 
email asking them to confirm that they indeed want to join or subscribe. It's 
called double opt-in.

Domain names can be registered the same exact way. You fill out the forms to 
register your domain name. You get an email that asks, "Are you sure you want 
to register this domain name?". It adds, please check your spelling and 
everything because by clicking this link you agree that you are registering the 
domain name at a cost of $xx and that there are no refunds.

That allows for any mistakes someone made when filling out the registration 
form. It's simple enough for anyone to understand. It gives the registrant a 
chance to change their mind satisfying buyer's remorse. Show me any policy that 
allows five days for buyer's remorse on an item that usually, with the 
exception of a couple of registrars, costs around $10. 

In addition to that, for every one domain name that is legitimately dropped 
during the grace period, there are 100,000 dropped by domain kiters and domain 
tasters. The grace period only serves those in the business of domain tasting 
and domain kiting. Pretense that there are other reasons to allow a five day 
grace period is just nonsense.

Chris McElroy

Chris McElroy aka NameCritic 
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