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In additional furtherance of EOIs

  • To: <draft-eoi-model@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: In additional furtherance of EOIs
  • From: <paul@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 21:13:58 GMT

I am writing this in capacity of my role at Music.us, .music, and in 
furtherance of the the EOI moving forward.

The EOI provides a way for ICANN to learn important information to finish the 
Draft Applicant Guidebook, while insuring that such information comes from 
good-faith applicants. We agree that EOI applications should move forward, 
include a significant monetary deposit, and include the necessary details as to 
company information and intent-for-use of the new TLD.

It is clear that the world knows, demands and supports new TLDs. As related by 
others repeatedly, ICANN is an open and public forum; it has had details of the 
new TLD process on its site for years; new TLDs have been in the major press 
many time, across the world in every language; and many companies across the 
globe have marketed their new TLD initiatives on websites, with social media 
and with live-meetup events in their respective communities. Particularly, 
Music.us is excited to continue our sponsorship series with next week's Social 
Music event of Social Media Week New York. As Constantine related in his 
January 20, 2010, public comment, we increasingly have more supporters, friends 
and fans for .music daily.

While we finish our debate whether the world knows or demands new TLDs, when 
and how to allocate them, I urge the ICANN community to see the forest from the 
trees and look at how fast the world is moving with regard to the web and tech. 
As many know, social media has been termed the second coming of the printing 
press. At present, and increasingly over the next three to five years, 
innovators will race to come out with all kinds of ways for people, communities 
and enterprise to connect and share; to market and sell; to use and enjoy the 
web. While new TLDs-to-be sit shelved and collect dust, social OS usernames, 
microblogging handles, apps, and url-shortening solutions are taking potential 
use on the web away from new TLDs. Real-time and social search algorithms are 
weighting these innovations, not new TLDs. Indeed, as each year passes, we 
stand still as the other ways of doing things and other ways of naming things 
happen without us. Look at just the few examples raised here. People and 
companies invest countless hours and money in user pages and fan pages, yet do 
not own or truly control them. A major part of the present app market is for 
mobile use without any mobile web or search, but recent marketing reports show 
better advertising metrics from mobile web search. Brands are flocking to 
pro-account url-shorteners that are off-point with their billion-dollar backed 
brand names, while users blindly click on masked and coded links increasingly 
at their own peril.

The ICANN community represents an ultimate collective to the world's web 
presence. Let's all come to terms, move forward and pave the way to secure and 
innovate on the web with new TLDs. Indeed, Music.us is ready to aid, empower, 
benefit and better secure the global music community with .music. We are ready 
to formally express interest for our global supporting community.


Paul Farkas, Esq.
facebook: http://dotMusicRocks.com/ 

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