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[dssa] a *PERSONAL* review the Westlake report

  • To: DSSA WG <dssa@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [dssa] a *PERSONAL* review the Westlake report
  • From: "Mike O'Connor" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 15:44:50 -0500

hi all,

i haven't really had the bandwidth available to go through the Westlake report 
until the holiday weekend.  but Durban is right around the corner and i wanted 
to put together some reactions before getting on the plane.

i've posted an early-draft Powerpoint deck to a URL on my personal server and 
i'll probably keep pecking away at this for a while.  here's the link:


these are *personal* thoughts, and should be considered half-baked at this 
point (i've only had a few hours to spare for this project).  the deck sets out 
a series of questions about each of the 5 deliverables.  i'm also beginning to 
build an appendix to develop the idea of an "open source" DNS risk-management 
framework "for the rest of us."  the Westlake report recommends ICANN use a 
proprietary framework that i'm pretty sure we won't be able to spray all over 
our public lists the way we did when we tailored NIST 800-30.  i'd be 
interested in your reactions to all of that.  harsh criticism is fine -- this 
is pretty hurried work and very much "draft."

here's another copy of the link to the Westlake report to the Board DNS Risk 
Management Framework working group, so you don't have to go hunting for it.



PHONE: 651-647-6109, FAX: 866-280-2356, WEB: www.haven2.com, HANDLE: OConnorStP 
(ID for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)  

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