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Please add support for re-evaluation on strings that were rejected by the DNS Stability panel

  • To: fast-track-review-2010@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Please add support for re-evaluation on strings that were rejected by the DNS Stability panel
  • From: "Stoyan Danev" <stoyan_danev@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 19:40:11 +0200 (EET)

1. Please add support for objection/re-evaluation on strings that were
rejected by the DNS Stability panel!

A few months ago the Bulgarian application was rejected due to alleged
similarity between the proposed IDN ccTLD string and others yet existing.
The Bulgarian community has clearly demonstrated that selecting another
string is unacceptable and if the proposed one is not approved, Bulgaria
will remain WITHOUT an IDN ccTLD. This is really against the ICANN policy
of making Internet accessible to everyone.

Currently there are no re-evaluation or objection mechanism for declined
IDN ccTLD requests. ICANN says that primary reason for this is that the
Fast Track Process is considered an interim process, short-termed for
those countries and territories where there is no controversy with
implementing IDN ccTLDs.

Well, the whole Bulgarian community supports the proposed string, a lot of
international experts agreed there is no similarity between the string and
any other existing domains!

I strongly support a re-evaluation in the fast-track process.

2. When the confusingly similar string review for the Bulgarian
application was done by the DNS Stability panel, the Bulgarian community
didn`t see any grounds behind the panel`s rejection! This is going way
beyond the ICANN transparency mechanisms, as such decision does not comply
with them.
Moreover, rumors say the panel didn`t review the string at all - they just
ASSUMED similarity for any IDN ccTLDs in Cyrillic or Greek with the length
of 2 characters!!! So I don`t see any DNS Stability Panel working
guidelines here as the ICANN announcement says - just assumptions. This is
not right!

Please see this tool, provided by the Unicode Consortium:


There is a similarity only in the second character - the Cyrillic "G". The
first one - "B" only looks like the digit "6".

The DNS Stability panel has already approved an IDN ccTLD in the same
situation -  the Russian .rf (.рф) -

Where the letter "r" is similar to the Latin r, and the letter "f" is not

3. I`ve got more thoughts on the  other proposed topics, but as they are
related to Bulgaria and Bulgaria might not get an IDN ccTLD, its pointless
to send them.

These are my thoughts under the review of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process


Stoyan Danev
Freelance developer from Bulgaria

Email me at: stoyan_danev@xxxxxxxx

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