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[gnso-dow123] Initial list of questions regarding purpose

  • To: Whois TF mailing list <gnso-dow123@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-dow123] Initial list of questions regarding purpose
  • From: "Jordyn A. Buchanan" <jordyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:17:48 -0400

Hi all:

As we discussed last week, we'll spend some time on tomorrow's call attempting to compile a list of questions that we think would be helpful in addressing the first two tasks in our new terms are references (these are, roughly speaking "define the purpose of Whois" and "define the purpose of the various contacts listed in Whois").

There's a difference between "purpose" and "use" of the Whois system, but it may be somewhat useful to understand how Whois is used in the context of attempting to articulate its purpose. A significant amount of data has been gathered around the use of Whois in the past. Maria is currently compiling that data. We had a recent discussion around the use of Whois on a recent conference call. I will try to sum up that list in the near future. We can discuss tomorrow whether we think it's useful to revisit the question of "how Whois is used". As a starting point for that discussion, here are the questions posed by TF2:

1) For each existing data field within the Whois, please provide feedback to the task force regarding the following:
1.a) How do members of your constituency make use of the data?
1.b) Is it necessary that this information be made available to members of your constituency? If so, why?
1.c) Describe any concerns your constituency may have with making this information available.

In addition to questions relating to the use of Whois, we may also want to ask specific questions about the purpose of Whois. Questions that come to mind include:

1) What is the purpose of the Whois system?
2) Are you aware of any definitions of the purpose of the Whois system?

Finally, in defining the purpose of the contacts in the Whois system, we have the work of the Transfers task force as a starting point. It may be very useful for someone to take a look at (or for us to ask) what types of information registrants are putting into these various fields. Do people differentiate between registrants and admin contacts? Who is listed as the tech contact--someone within the company or at a service provider?


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