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RE: [gnso-dt-wg] purely personal pow

  • To: "Avri Doria" <avri@xxxxxxx>, <gnso-dt-wg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [gnso-dt-wg] purely personal pow
  • From: "Neuman, Jeff" <Jeff.Neuman@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 09:41:47 -0500


If there is a truly a consensus policy to get rid of the AGP, then how
are the registries going to offer a refund service on an objective basis
without a highly manual process costing much more than a $6.42 cents per
domain name.  In other words, the only system of refunds that would not
dramatically increase the costs of provisioning domain names for
registries and registrars is an automated grace period.

I believe "market forces" are what led to the Add-Grace Period in the
first place.  In addition, "market forces" are what led to NeuStar and
Afilias' proposal.  However, if there is a consensus policy to get rid
of the AGP, then in essence, we are taking market forces out of the

Jeffrey J. Neuman, Esq. 
Sr. Director, Law, Advanced Services  & 

Business Development 

NeuStar, Inc. 
e-mail: Jeff.Neuman@xxxxxxxxxx 

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I cannot make the meeting tomorrow, I have one of my rare, these days  
anyway, paying jobs (IGF) and will be busy all week.  So I figured I  
would send a note indicating my personal point of view in this issue.

 From a personal point of view, I wonder if doing away with the grace  
period  is not the right thing to do.  This would leave it up to the  
registries as to what sort of refund service they provide to the  
registrars in this matter.  I was asked a question during the ND  
meeting which went something like:  " Why is this not left up to  
_Market Forces_.  For example, credit card companies charge stores a  
small fee for each refund they are forced to make to a customer.  If  
the store is responsible for a lot of refunds, then the fee goes up.   
And if the store causes  too many then they lose their account ..."   
Now I do not consider myself an expert on _Market Forces_ or on how  
and when they work, but the question seemed like a good one.  One I  
was not able to answer.   I am not currently a supporter of this, so   
am not arguing for it at this point.  I just wonder if this option has  
been explored sufficiently.

In terms of the current somewhat compromise motion, if the DT  
continues to have a majority in favor of sending it as a  
recommendation to the council, I personally would prefer to see it go  
out for, at least, updating of constituency statements, and perhaps  
public comment, before the council votes on it, and would support the  
Drafting Team coming to such a recommendation.

Likewise, I think that constituting an open WG on a 120 days schedule  
to review the issue and make a recommendation would also be something  
I could support.  For this we would need a very tight and specific  
charter.  The DT could recommend such a charter, or it could be  
developed in another way.

Thanks and best wishes for a peaceful and productive meeting


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