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RE: [gnso-dt-wg] today's domain tasting call

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  • Subject: RE: [gnso-dt-wg] today's domain tasting call
  • From: "Mike Rodenbaugh" <mxrodenbaugh@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 17:55:31 -0800

Thanks Liz.

Subject to comments of this group by COB Thursday, I propose the following
motion for a vote by Council on March 6th:

Whereas, the GNSO Council has discussed the Issues Report on Domain Tasting
and the Final Outcomes Report of the ad hoc group on Domain Tasting;

Whereas, the GNSO Council resolved on 31 October 2007 to launch a PDP on
Domain Tasting and to request Constituency Impact Statements with respect to
issues set forth in the Issued Report and in the Final Outcomes Report;

Whereas, the GNSO Council authorized on 17 January 2008 the formation of a
small design team to develop a plan for the deliberations on the Domain
Tasting PDP (the "Design Team"), the principal volunteers to which had been
members of the Ad Hoc Group on Domain Tasting and were well-informed of both
the Final Outcomes Report of the Ad Hoc Group on Domain Tasting and the GNSO
Initial Report on Domain Tasting (collectively with the Issues Report, the
"Reports on Domain Tasting");

Whereas, the Design Team has met and agreed on a Draft Motion [attached] to
be set out for public comment and for Constituency Impact review;


1.      The Draft Motion shall be posted for 21-day public comment on March
7, 2008.

2.      Each Constituency shall have 21 days from March 7, 2008 to update
its Constituency Impact Statement with respect to this motion, if it so
chooses.  The deadline for amended Statements shall be March 28, 2008, and
this deadline shall not be extendible.

3.      ICANN Staff shall provide a summary of any public comments and/or
amended Constituency Impact Statements to the Council, via submission of a
Final Report with respect to this PDP, by April 4, 2008.

4.      The Design Team shall then meet and confer with respect to the Final
Report, in order to consider any public comments and/or amended Constituency
Impact Statements and to consider any suggested amendments to the Draft
Motion, and shall recommend a Final Motion to be considered by Council for
vote in its scheduled meeting April 17, 2008.

5.      It is the intention of the GNSO for the Staff to produce a Board
Report on this PDP for consideration by the ICANN Board, so the Board may
vote on any recommendations of the GNSO with respect to this PDP, at the
scheduled ICANN meeting in Paris in June, 2008

Mike Rodenbaugh

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Subject: [gnso-dt-wg] today's domain tasting call

All, so far we have the following plan - please modify as appropriate:

Mike Rodenbaugh is updating language (originally supplied by Jeff) for a
revised motion for Council and public consideration.

Our drafting group will propose that the draft motion be considered on the
following time schedule:

Council approves timeline and terms of reference for constituency statements
(based on pending draft motion) on March 6.

Staff posts request for public comment and constituency statements
(including financial impact of measure specified in motion on each
constituency, if adopted) by March 7, with a 21 day deadline, March 28.

Staff prepares summary of public comments and constituency statements into a
"final report" by April 4 and submits to the Council.

Drafting group finalizes motion for Council consideration by 10 April, based
on public comments and constituency impact statements

Council acts on motion at 17 April meeting

Assuming the motion is adopted, the hope of the drafting group is that the
process could continue to assure Board adoption in Paris.  Steps would

Staff prepares Board report (within 5 calendar days) - by April 23

Then 30 days needed for Board to receive in advance of Paris - what else is
needed?  Liz to determine ASAP.

Thanks!  Liz

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