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Re: [gnso-et] Final Candidate list & process from here

  • To: William Drake <william.drake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [gnso-et] Final Candidate list & process from here
  • From: Olga Cavalli <olgac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 07:26:27 -0300

Thanks Bill for this summary.

2010/3/8 William Drake <william.drake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> So the application period is now closed and we have ten candidates:
> Eric Brunner-Williams  (Rgy or Rgr?  Not this time?)
> * My order of preference for the review areas is security and stability
> first, accountability & transparency second, competition third, and whois
> last
> * I self-identify with the Registrar Constituency, and the Registry
> Constituency"
> * USA, male
> Brian Cute (Rgy)
> * I self-identify with the GNSO - gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group
> * USA, male
> Warren Adelman (Rgr)
> * I self-identify with the GNSO - Registrars Stakeholder Group
> * USA, male
> Mike O’Connor (CSG)
> *USA, male
> Ron Andruff (CSG)
> *USA, male
> Olivier Muron (CSG)
> *France, male
>  Victoria McEvedy (CSG)
> *UK, female
> Willie Curie (NCSG)
> *South Africa, male, NCUC member
> Hakikur Rahman (NCSG)
> *Bangladesh, male
> S. S. Kshatriya  (Unaffiliated)
> *Indian, male
> Parsing the pool:
> Rgy one and maybe two names, Brian and Eric.  I'm assuming RgySG will put
> Brian into the allocated slot, so we won't have to review, right?
> Rg one and maybe two names, Warren and Eric.  I'm assuming RgSG will put
> Warren into the allocated, right?
> =>Action item: we have to decide how we're allocating Eric and whether to
> hold him over for a future RT, S&S, his first preference.  I suggest we hold
> him over and ask him to decide on the SG by that time, unless you all have
> enough info to make that call independently.
> CSG four names, Mike, Ron, Olivier, Victoria.  They will need to decide
> which is their allocated and which two are standing for the competitive
> slot.
> NCSG two names, Willie and Hakikur.  Willie will be our allocated person.
>  We'll consult tomorrow on whether to endorse Haikkur for the competitive
> slot, he's not one our more active and known people.
> Unaffiliated one name, Kshatriya.
> => Action item: Once the four SG's ID their allocated people and identified
> their up to two for the competitive slots (Hopefully Wednesday/Thursday), we
> are looking at the ET having to "assess" a rather small pool--Eric if he
> stays in, the two of four CSG selects, Hakikur (who'd be competing for the
> "open" slot) and Kshatriya (who is alone in the unaffiliated slot).  This
> should be pretty easy for the ET to do quickly, and the house vote shouldn't
> be unduly complicated.
> However, there's one last wrinkle, diversity:
> It looks like Rgy, Rr have put forth white guys from the USA for the
> allocated slot.  If CSG does the same, we have a problem, as our rules say
> that unless the pool doesn't allow, we can't have more than two from the
> same region.  So CSG picking either Mike or Ron for the allocated will
> trigger the ET having to undertake a diversity negotiation with them to see
> if they can't perhaps put foward Olivier or Victoria instead.  Moreover, if
> CSG does not nominate Victoria either for the allocated slot or for one of
> the two for the competitive slot, (and even if they do and she loses in the
> vote), we will have no women in a situation where the candidate "pool did
> allow".  So here too, we would then have to go back to CSG and ask for
> reconsideration, which I gather wouldn't be easy.
> The only way out on gender front that I can see would be to reverse from
> what I'd previously suggested re; Victoria.  Yes she's identifiably IPC, but
> she declared as an independent.  In order to achieve the diversity
> objective, and in order not to have a slot with just one candidate and no
> competition, I would think we could be flexible and allow her to compete
> with Kshatriya in the unaffiliated slot, and hopefully stay in at the the
> end, so we have least one woman to the five men.
> In any event Wolf, CSG sort of holds the keys to unlocking the principle
> puzzles and potential problems, so I hope you can do a sit down ASAP with
> them to sort out the approach. Nominating Olivier for your allocated slot
> and either nominating Victoria for one of the two competitive candidacies OR
> agreeing (amongst us all) to release her to the unaffiliated pool are the
> big priorities now.
> Best,
> Bill

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