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RE: [gnso-ff-pdp-may08] Final Report: Last Call for Edits

  • To: icann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: RE: [gnso-ff-pdp-may08] Final Report: Last Call for Edits
  • From: "James M. Bladel" <jbladel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2009 14:16:15 -0700


Good feedback, this is exactly what I was seeking.  With respect to the
clauses you mentioned:

1.  Ok, I see your point.  I am fine with deleting this entire whereas

2.  I don't think the FFDRS would qualify (yet) as new consensus policy,
as we simply recommend that it be explored / developed.  In this clause,
I am merely stating that we did not modify any of the eight existing
policies, nor did we create a new one.  My preference would be to leave
this clause in the motion.

3.  If you prefer,  we can strike the words:  "for best practices", and
end on "recommendations."


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 Subject: RE: [gnso-ff-pdp-may08] Final Report: Last Call for Edits
 From: "Mike Rodenbaugh" <icann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Date: Tue, August 04, 2009 3:49 pm
 To: "'Fast Flux Fast Flux'" <gnso-ff-pdp-may08@xxxxxxxxx>
 Thanks James. I disagree with three Whereas clauses. They add nothing
 the motion and can be misconstrued by uninformed readers: 
 -- Whereas the Working Group, through its efforts, uncovered numerous
 challenges relating to the definition of fast flux hosting, and
 distinguishing characteristics between legitimate and illicit uses
 This is true, but unnecessary for the motion, and unduly highlights
 difficulty rather than any of our successes.
 -- Whereas the Working Group was unable to reach consensus on
 recommendations for new consensus policy, or changes to existing GNSO
 In fact, we did reach consensus on the notion that a Fast Flux Data
 Reporting System should be explored, and it very well might be
 via Consensus Policy.
 -- The next clause says the "Group has developed and broadly supports
 recommendations for best practices." That is not true, as we haven't
 recommended any specific best practices.
 Mike Rodenbaugh
 Rodenbaugh Law
 548 Market Street
 San Francisco, CA 94104
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 [mailto:owner-gnso-ff-pdp-may08@xxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of James M. Bladel
 Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 7:31 AM
 To: Fast Flux Fast Flux
 Subject: [gnso-ff-pdp-may08] Final Report: Last Call for Edits
 With tomorrow's deadline approaching, please take a last moment to
 the Draft Final Report (wiki link below) and Draft Council Motion
 The final document will be closed for edits as of end of day WEDNESDAY,
 5 AUG 2009.
 Thank you,
 James M. Bladel

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