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[gnso-iocrc-dt] FW: Adobe Connect - Chat Transcript from International Olympic Committee and Red Cross Names

  • To: "gnso-iocrc-dt@xxxxxxxxx" <gnso-iocrc-dt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-iocrc-dt] FW: Adobe Connect - Chat Transcript from International Olympic Committee and Red Cross Names
  • From: Brian Peck <brian.peck@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 12:31:33 -0800

  Brian Peck:IOC/Red Cross Name Protection Drafting Team Meeting - 8
February, 2012
  Chuck Gomes:I am on the call
  Nathalie  Peregrine:We are just waiting for a few more people.
  Chuck Gomes:Do we have a backup leader?
  Alan Greenberg:Sorry I am late. Calling in now.
  Steve DelBianco (BC):The Sep-2011 Guidebook did include the Red Cross and
IOC protection.  Page 2-9
  Steve DelBianco (BC):The publication date was 19-Sep-2011, while teh GAC
letter is dated 14-Sep-2011. .  I would conclude that GAC did NOT see the
Guidebook change when they approved their letter 
  Alan Greenberg:Jeff, that is one of the better excuses I have heard for
being late. I was a bit late and my excuse is not nearly as good.
  Jeff Neuman:Thanks....You all know what happened before my wife :)
  Steve DelBianco (BC):Jeff -- I have a hard stop at 2pm ET.  I emailed you
the BC preferred options
  Jeff Neuman:Thanks Steve
  Steve DelBianco (BC):When we say we prefer Q1 Option 5, I should clarify
that 5b is the particular preference
  Steve DelBianco (BC):OlympicAir.com may go for .OlympicAir  -- in which
case the IOC shoudl be  allowed to issue letter of non-objection
  Konstantinos Komaitis:well a quick history lesson: Olympiad is where the
olympic games started...so, it is really not a case of whether it is a
village of 7000 people...it is an issue of where it all started...
  Steve DelBianco (BC):... on the fields of Marathon...
  Steve DelBianco (BC):Signing off now.  the BC would like to see the
non-objection principle extended to second level as well.
  Konstantinos Komaitis:@steve: more or less.
  Stephane Hankins:Could the floor be given to ICRC - I am not sure how to
raise hand...
  Jeff Neuman:Pleasure to have you
  christophe.lanord:so far it includes English, French, Spanish, Russian,
Arabic, Chinese plus Hebrew on Magen David Adom
  christophe.lanord:the six UN official languages
  Stephane Hankins:In regard to languages, is it inconceivable to provide an
indicative list of languages and include the reserve that the prohibition
applies to all languages. This would appear logic and hardly disputable ?
  Alan Greenberg:But if we are really wrong, then it will be obvious that
this is one of the issues that WILL pop up as needing a review.
  Thomas Rickert:Thanks, Jeff!

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