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RE: [gnso-irtp-b-jun09] Proposed agenda IRTP Part B WG meeting

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  • Subject: RE: [gnso-irtp-b-jun09] Proposed agenda IRTP Part B WG meeting
  • From: "Berry Cobb" <berrycobb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 20:55:06 -0800

For the 2nd Hour Team & All of IRTP-B for that matter,


I apologize for not getting this out in time for review before our call.  30
lashes to me!  


Here is a revised agenda for the 2nd Hour:

1.       Recap last week?s discussion and proposals

2.       Review Mikey?s eTRP Diagram (ps, I started a swimlame version too)

3.       Review survey results spreadsheet



2nd Hour Take-Aways from 4 Jan 2011 (Please feel free to add to the list if
I misstated or omitted anything):

·         Agreement to keep eTRP but modify to prevent misuse and gaming

·         Possible enhancements:

o   Ensure rapid restore of domain is maintained, and domain becomes locked

o   shorter timeline for filing complaint (60 days to perhaps 7 days or

o   option for the other side to state their case, ?due process?

o   independent third party to administer the process (can't be the previous
registrar as that party is not impartial)

o   better define eTRP process as not a dispute resolution tool, it only
interfaces to IRTP & TDRP

o   Create education for parties on how to handle complaints and interact

o   Also include the 60 day lock WRT to Denial Reason #9

§  Objective is to slow down or minimize hops common to hi-jacks

§  If this were to become consensus policy, it is a fall back for Registrars
to mitigate customer dissatisfaction

o   Determine how the Change of Registrant or Reducing Admin Contact
authority recommendations, if made will affect eTRP


Mikey mentioned two layers of remediation of Transfer issue:

1.       Registrar to Registrar ? informal cooperation

2.       Registrar to Registrar ? TDRP with ICANN involved


I came across other material and I think there are additional layers that
perhaps should be documented within the final report:

1.       Registrant to PTRr ? Registrar denies dispute

2.       PTRr to PTRa ? informal cooperation

3.       PTRr to PTRa w/ ICANN ? via TDRP

4.       Registry Specific Reassignment Service - ß This is new to me

5.       Law Enforcement / Courts


See you all tomorrow morning!


Berry Cobb

Infinity Portals LLC





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[mailto:owner-gnso-irtp-b-jun09@xxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Marika Konings
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 3:24 AM
To: Gnso-irtp-b-jun09@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gnso-irtp-b-jun09] Proposed agenda IRTP Part B WG meeting


Dear All,


Please find below the proposed agenda for tomorrow's IRTP Part B WG meeting.


With best regards,




Proposed Agenda ? IRTP Part B WG Meeting ? 11 January 2011


1st hour ? 15.00 ? 16.00 UTC

1. Roll Call / Update SOI-DOI

2. Continue discussion on recommendations (please review updated
recommendations overview)

3. For review - EPP Status Values Overview (see attached)

4. Next steps & confirm next meeting


2nd hour ? 16.00 ? 17.00 UTC

5. Continue discussion and refinement of ETRP (action items from last week's
meeting: Review Mikey's flowchart and Berry's analysis of ETRP survey
results ? both attached)

6. Next steps  


Remaining Action Items IRTP Part B WG meeting 21 December

*       Circulate relevant section from transcript of WHOIS session in
Sydney during which inconsistencies with the UDRP provision relating to
locking of a domain name was discussed (James)
*       Circulate overview and definition of EPP status values document for
WG input (Marika ? attached in this email)

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