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[gnso-lockpdp-wg] AC Chat Transcript of the 2 August 2012 Call

  • To: <Gnso-lockpdp-wg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-lockpdp-wg] AC Chat Transcript of the 2 August 2012 Call
  • From: "Berry Cobb" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 16:48:02 -0700

Gisella Gruber-White: Welcome to the Locking of a Domain Name Subject to
UDRP Proceedings  working group on 02 August 2012 at 1400 UTC


Michele Neylon: Hoe gaan dit bokkie?


Michele Neylon: /me whistles innocently


Gisella Gruber-White: Dit gaan baie goed et met jou? lank tyd geen bokkie
gehoor nie :-)


Gisella Gruber-White: that was lang


Gisella Gruber-White: Apologies from Juan Manuel Rojas & Gabriela Szlak


Gisella Gruber-White: Did you receive any?


Michele Neylon: Only those two


Michele Neylon: I now have ANOTHER South African working for me


Michele Neylon: which makes 2


Gisella Gruber-White: They are all over ;-)


Michele Neylon: like a swarm of ...


Gisella Gruber-White: mmhhh they must be good if you are employing them!


Michele Neylon: Dit gaan baie goed, dankie. Besig.


Michele Neylon: (he's feeding me text :) )


Gisella Gruber-White: AND you are learning Afrikaans - will be a walk in the
park after Dutch


Michele Neylon: nah


Michele Neylon: I'd have to meet a nice South African girl to get the
motivation for that


Michele Neylon: http://forum.icann.org/lists/udrp-locking/msg00000.html


Alan Greenberg: Related to what may be an Irishism, Michele, what does "on
foot" mean (with regard to "sometimes the complainants). It is our
experience that many issues arise in relation to the on-going use of a
domain on foot of a UDRP")?


Gisella Gruber-White: Luc Seufer has joined the call 


Luc Seufer: I was afraid the call would be held in Dutch :-)


Gisella Gruber-White: Randy Ferguson has joined the call


Gisella Gruber-White: David Roache-Turner has joined the call


Michele Neylon: Matt - I see you


Gisella Gruber-White: Bauduoin Schombe has joined the call but his line has
been muted as verey noisy


Gisella Gruber-White: Sheri Falco has joined the AC room


Gisella Gruber-White: Sheri has joined the audio bridge as well


Sheri Falco: Thanks - for the resending of the call info


Gisella Gruber-White: My pleasure


Gisella Gruber-White: Luc disconnected


Gisella Gruber-White: Luc is back


Gisella Gruber-White: David Maher has joined the AC room


Gisella Gruber-White: as well as the audio bride


Berry Cobb: So the question becomes, for those domains where a lock is
requested, what is primary notification method?  Complaintant or UDRP
Provider?  Or is this irrelevant?


Michele Neylon: It's relevant (I think)


Berry Cobb: ...and where the provider has to chase it down.


Kristine Dorrain: Michele:  I would add that while it's "clear" that the
domain name should be locked at LEAST as early as the Provider notifies the
Registrar, but that codifying that in our recommendtion will be helpful for
the new or reluctant registrars who are NOT currently doing so


Matt Schneller: To the providers: I wonder if the new e-filing system would
allow providers to somehow automatically send a confirmation e-mail (akin to
the filing receipt that NAF's online filing system sends out immediately
upon e-filing) to the registrant and registrar e-mail address(es) submitted
by the complainant, to provide an "independent verification" basically
immediately after filing.  that would provide something from the provider in
advance of the notice of commencement.


Kristine Dorrain: From our perspective, that would be easy (but it would
only work for e-filers, as you note)


Luc Seufer: @ Kristine upon notification of the provider I agree, that's the
current policy. However upon notification of the complainant, this is
unacceptable for us as a registrar. We won't accept such liability and
workload. We are not equipped to prejudge on the legitimacy of a complaint.


Matt Schneller: Luc: it's not a judgment of the validity, just a temporary
acknowledgement of the mere fact of filing


Kristine Dorrain: @Luc  I understand.  While as a Provider, the early lock
will make our job easier, I do note that there is possibly some legal risk
for Registrars who do so.


Laurie Anderson: Agreed Matt, it's simply a reasonable assumption of a


Matt Schneller: Hey Alan - it would be a smooth system, but the providers
don't have the technical means or access to records to implement a lock


Laurie Anderson: we typically receive verification requests on these within
a day or two


Kristine Dorrain: We'd be willing to discuss what it would take for us get
that technology...


Kristine Dorrain: I have to bail for another call.  I'll catch up with you
all in two weeks.


Berry Cobb: got it.


Gisella Gruber-White: @ Michele - this will be done after the call


Matt Schneller: See you in two weeks.  Thanks Michele and everyone


Gisella Gruber-White: and then attached to attendance as well


Gisella Gruber-White: Good bye and speak again on 16th August at 1400 UTC


Laurie Anderson: bye all!


Berry Cobb

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)






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