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[gnso-pednr-dt] PEDNR: A proposed path forward

  • To: "PEDNR " <gnso-pednr-dt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-pednr-dt] PEDNR: A proposed path forward
  • From: "James M. Bladel" <jbladel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2010 12:12:53 -0700

Good afternoon, everyone.

With our review of community feedback complete, several of us on the WG
have been working to synthesize all the various positions and opinions
expressed on PEDNR into a compromise proposal.

The objectives of putting this forward are:

(1)  Provide additional safeguards for registrants to guard against the
inadvertent loss of registrations, secured by Consensus Policy.
(2)  Provide some consistency in the registrant's experience with
expiring names.
(3)  Accomplish (1) and (3) in a manner that does not unnecessarily
disrupt the numerous commercial and non-commercial activities in our

With these in mind, we submit the following slate of proposals for your

Grace Period (Secured by Consensus Policy)
Guaranteed five-day registrar grace period (what to call it will need to
be determined so as to avoid confusion with similarly named periods)
following expiration.  Only the RAE can recover/renew name during this
period.  While the name will not go to auction during this period, it
could be explicitly deleted by the Registrar, which commences the RGP.  

Renewal notices (Secured by Consensus Policy)
Requirement to send (by a method at each registrar's discretion) a
minimum of one renewal notice to registrant no later than 10 days prior
to expiry, and a second notice the day prior to the expiry date
notifying the RAE that the 5-day registrar grace period will begin the
following day.  

No changes to Whois recommended.

Community Education
Best practice recommendation: A registrar will design and host a
neutral-content site with important information about how to properly
steward a domain name and prevent unintended loss.  
Registrar should provide on its web site, and send to registrant in
separate e-mail to registrant immediately following initial
registration, a set of instructions for keeping domain name records
current and for lessening the chance of mistakenly allowing the name to
Budget time/money/resources to public education campaign to encourage
renewals and prevent unwanted loss of a name.

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