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[gnso-trans-wg] Transfer Issues - Draft notes from conference call 30 January

  • To: <gnso-trans-wg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-trans-wg] Transfer Issues - Draft notes from conference call 30 January
  • From: "Olof Nordling" <olof.nordling@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 18:16:52 +0100

Dear all,
Please find very brief draft notes from our call today below.
Comments & rectifications welcome, of course.

Also, please note that a new call is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday 6
February at 15.00 UTC. Please indicate your availability for that call to
the list.

Best regards



Transfer Issues - Call 30 January 2008

Participants: Tom Keller (group leader), Chuck Gomez, Mike O'Connor, Glen de
Saint Géry, Olof Nordling

The task is to propose framing of future potential PDPs to the GNSO Council,
using the prioritized list of 19 issues. It was agreed to proceed based on
Tom's mail suggesting three issue groups, with Chuck's added comments. The
issues can be screened from a perspective of feasibility, retaining those
issues for which reasonable progress can be achieved in a PDP. 

First issue group: "Enhancements to the current operational rules of the
transfer policy". Comments/conclusions by issue (as numbered in Tom's mail):

1. Has a bearing on Whois and privacy issues, thus controversial, and it's
complex to find a solution for this issue outside the Whois. Conclusion: to
keep 1 separate as a potential PDP on its own.

5. and 6. These are related and both are feasible, although 6 could possibly
merit rephrasing. Conclusion: to keep both 5 and 6 in the first group.

7. and 2. (in the second group). Both are related and have feasible
"technical" aspects but also much more difficult "policy" aspects, deserving
thorough investigation and separate handling. Conclusion: to combine the
"technical" aspects of 7 and 2 and keep them in the first group, while
combining the "policy" aspects of both as a separate potential PDP.

15. Assessed as contrary to existing policy and as reopening past
discussion. Conclusion: to eliminate 15.

18. Largely achieved, at least in theory, and assessed as easily achievable
in practice. Conclusion: to keep 18 in the first group.

A new call was suggested to take place on Wednesday 6 February at 15.00 UTC.
Participants were invited to respond to the list about their availability.

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