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The current proposals have not given enough attention to the longevity of the structure.

  • To: gnso-users@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: The current proposals have not given enough attention to the longevity of the structure.
  • From: "liana.ydisg@xxxxxxxx" <liana.ydisg@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 00:47:01 GMT

Dear Mr. Robert Hoggarth,

I have read the summary of RFC on non-commercial users of Internet.

As Internet crosses the global, how the non-comm user input can be noticed by 
the governing body is a key issue.

To elect representative, and put term limit on the representation will have the 
problem of how broad the representation may be, and
how to retain the best representatives on the other hand.

To pay for such a representative would not limit the problem of job burn out. 
Also keeping the pay check while not able to discover silent majority is the 
problem of any known human governing body.

I propose a different model, to create communication specialists
for each working language area.  They are not voting members' volunteers or 
staff. They are permanent employees of ICANN, who's
nomination is from GNSO area members, and can stay effective without term 
limit. These communication specialists' job is the first level
filtering of user incoming suggestions, complains, and questions of all kinds. 
It is not replaceable by auto-respond.  It is the follow-up of auto-respond. 
They are the tutor of the Internet and governmental structures and educator of 
user concerned fields in at least a second language to English. They are 
different from corporate secretary in the sense that they are the in the open 
to communicate but not taking order of not communicate. They have a duty to 
educate, to direct but not a gate keeper for any sectors of the ICANN 
community. I can think of its similarity with a good librarian.   
The CS's should express their own opinion in pulling contributor's opinion, to 
clarify issues of complexity in culture, or personal or tech fields.  In this 
sense, they are bloggers and learners too. 

They are also the opinion pulling personnel to come up questions 
pulling personal responds in his responsible area and posting his
summary of respond on an open board in a fixed interval for everyone else to 
review, and posting important opinion contributor on the board for crediting to 
those contributors and his own job performance as an communication specialists 

The CSs must be given budget to travel to or from the concerned area to meet 
with contributors either invited or drop-in on a bi-annal base
to confirm the contribution are in fact from the contributors personnally and 
recruit for possible replacement contributors if the
contributor is out of touch in someway. 

The CS may be replaced by new nomination from GNSO voting or non-voting member. 
However, the replaced CS should become a perminent contributor if he has voiced 
his opinion as a CS before. CSs cannot be punished for speaking out by whoever.

Contributors should be paid a nominal fee to recognize its weight of
contribution, and keeps these contributors scattered in any fields to be the 
discovers of a silent majority from whatever the fields they are in. I think if 
we have such a structure in place, the silent 
majority whould find the open board to voice, a feedback discussion to be 
educated in peace and a convincing reason of why his voice is taken or ignored. 

I have proposed an open board for posting our intented use of gTLD strings. It 
is an issue associated with ccTLD at a much later stage. However, I were not 
rejected this time, unlike what heppend to me
in 2001. It is a good progress in ICANN re-structuring.  If this open board can 
be effective as the CSs facilitate early discussion of possible conflicts, the 
applications of new strings in gTLD can be altered by the applicants, thus 
lower the cost in the application process in the long term as the cost 
discussion documented. 

In my view, the key issue is not who is on various committees, 
but who is processing the first respond to worldwide very 
diversified enquiries online. These diversification includes but not limited to 
age, education, cultural, language, working fields, and the time of the day 
when that person may just want to find a victim for himself.

Please don't haste if you have any questions.


Liana Ye
Y&D Infor. Systems Group, Inc.
Belmont, CA.
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