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RE: [gnso-vi-feb10] a first idea to trash

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  • Subject: RE: [gnso-vi-feb10] a first idea to trash
  • From: Milton L Mueller <mueller@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 22:06:18 -0500

I was of the view that a WG charter defined the scope of the PDP. I did not 
know that it was a schedule. Putting a schedule down on paper is simple -

<irony> if that is all we have to do we will surely be done soon and the work 
will be easy. </irony>

Although I ardently support Avri's wish to make the PDP expeditious and timely, 
the realist in me suggests that the PDP will be finished when the people within 
it are able to produce a result they can agree on. 

If that is true, the best way a charter-drafting group can contribute to that 
goal is by clearly defining - and limiting - what the group is expected to do, 
and the reasons for doing it. 

Therefore, I would prefer that this group concentrate on defining and 
realistically bounding the scope and objectives of the PDP rather than debating 
time lines. 

The first step in an attempt to define and delimit the scope of the PDP will be 
a description of what policy problem the PDP is intended to solve, and a 
definition of terms. My next contribution to this list will be a step in that 


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> Subject: [gnso-vi-feb10] a first idea to trash
> Hi,
> In order to kick off the debate on a charter, i offer the following as a
> first timetable as a conversation starter:
> The Motion defined the task as:
>  - the PDP shall evaluate which policy recommendations, if
> any,  should be developed on the topic of vertical integration between
> registrars and registries affecting both new gTLDs and existing gTLDs, as
> may
> be possible under existing contracts and as allowed under the ICANN
> Bylaws;
> Week 1, 2  -  Council Drafting team will create a charter for the group
>                     -  Original recruitment for group members wil go out
> to the constituencies and the ICANN community.
>                     -  Staff begins documentation on existing approaches
> and practices, differentiating among Vertical Integration, Joint Marketing
> approaches
>                         and cross-ownership, indicating differences of the
> effects on registrants and users of the approaches.
> Week 3 - Council review charter and appoint council liaison.
> week 4 - Group begins work.
>                (Collect Constituency statement and community comments
> weeks 2 - 5)
> week 5, 6 - Review of existing documents and commentary.
>                   - Publish Staff document on existing approaches and
> practices
> week 7 - 9 - Review staff document and constituency and public comments
> week  9 - 11 - Discuss conditions under which various practices are
> appropriate
> week 12 - 15 - Discuss and document policy recommendations
> week 16 -  Send report to Council and out for public review.

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